Ranking the Top 5 Bot Laners Competing at Worlds 2023


22 teams from around the world have gathered to declare the best team in League of Legends esports in 2023. With less than a week to go for the 2023 LoL World Championship, the teams have gone into their final practice sessions to aim for the Summoner’s Cup, and we will soon be able to witness the best and most important games of the year.


The 2023 season has been dominated by the importance of bot laners in the meta. Bot laners had to consistently deliver great performances with impeccable positioning and high damage output, contributing significantly to their team's victories. As the key determinants of success in the current meta, here are Inven Global’s top 5 bot laners for Worlds 2023.

5. BLG Elk

▲ Source: LoL Esports


In the past year, Bilibili Gaming has achieved the best-ever results in team history. During the LPL Spring Season, they secured a 5th-place finish, entered the playoffs, defeated various teams on their way to a runner-up finish, and continued their impressive run with a second-place finish at MSI. In the Summer Season, they claimed the top spot in the regular season but once again lost to JD Gaming and finished in 3rd place.


A significant contributor to this success was Zhao "Elk" Jia-Hao. Although he had many ups and downs, when Elk hit his peak, he proved unstoppable. Ultimately, Elk ended up on the All-LPL 2nd team for both the spring and summer seasons. However, there's room for improvement, especially when facing opponents like Ruler or GALA, where he has struggled many times.

4. KT Aiming

▲ Source: LCK


During the spring season, Kim "Aiming" Ha-ram received criticism for being inconsistent. However, in the summer season, he showed significant improvement in consistency, contributing greatly to the team's first-place finish in the regular season. Aiming's explosive performances during the summer led the team to a remarkable 17-game winning streak and a third-place finish in the playoffs. 


His outstanding contributions earned him a spot on the All-LCK 1st team alongside his teammates. Aiming also led his team through the Regional Qualifiers to reach Worlds, and it will be his first time playing at Worlds. Will he show his explosive performance again on the international stage as well?


▲ Source: LNG Esports


Chen “GALA” Wei has gained recognition as a hyper-carry style AD carry, and over the past two seasons, he has consistently performed at a high level. In the spring season, playing for RNG, he demonstrated consistent and stellar performances, leading the team to the playoffs. 


In the summer season, he transferred to LNG Esports, and once again showcased his stability as a bot laner and guided the team to a runner-up finish. With the Kai’Sa meta back again, his exceptional Kai’Sa skills have been particularly noteworthy, as he picked up two pentakills. Worlds 2023 will be the first time GALA steps on an international stage on a team other than RNG. Will he be able to rise above what he achieved on his previous team?

2. GEN Peyz

▲ Source: LCK


Kim "Peyz" Soo-hwan is a rookie bot laner who was only called up for the 2023 LCK Spring Season. Despite his rookie status, his exceptional mechanics and calm gameplay have shone through, and his ability to deal massive damage was perfect for Gen.G’s bot lane. Just during the Summer Season, Peyz recorded three pentakills, showcasing his outstanding kill-catching abilities. He recorded 500 kills and 500 assists in just his debut year.


With Peyz’s remarkable performances, Gen.G secured 2nd place in the regular season and 1st place overall in both the spring and summer seasons. In particular, Peyz was named the Spring Finals MVP and earned all the honors available to a rookie in his debut season. After making his debut on the international stage at MSI, fans are eager to see what kind of performance Peyz will deliver at Worlds. He has been ranked as the 2nd best bot laner in Inven Global's top 5 list.

1. JDG Ruler

▲ Source: LoL Esports


Arguably the GOAT of bot laners, Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk shines on top of this list. Ruler's transition to JD Gaming started with a bang, achieving a quadrakill in the first set and a pentakill in the third set, making a dazzling debut in the LPL. He maintained his exceptional performance throughout the season, leading JD Gaming to immediate success and securing the championship. In the subsequent MSI, Ruler once again displayed an overwhelming performance in the finals against Elk, claiming another championship.


Although Ruler showed vulnerability early in the summer season, his outstanding gameplay persisted as he clinched another championship. Ruler was selected for the All-LPL 1st team in both the spring and summer seasons. In addition, he won the championship in all the tournaments he participated in during 2023, including the Asian Games. Ruler's remarkable year, characterized by a Grand Slam pursuit, has earned him the top spot in Inven Global's list of bot laners.

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