Ranking the Top 5 Mid Laners Competing at Worlds 2023


22 teams from around the world have gathered to declare the best team in League of Legends esports in 2023. With less than a week to go for the 2023 LoL World Championship, the teams have gone into their final practice sessions to aim for the Summoner’s Cup, and we will soon be able to witness the best and most important games of the year.


Often considered the linchpin of strategy and skill, mid laners command attention with their game-changing plays and magnetic presence. This position, more than any other, has birthed legends and witnessed dramatic turns in the tide of battle. Fans may have their loyalties and spirited discussions about who truly rules this domain, but the undeniable talent of certain individuals stands out. Inven Global spotlights the luminous talents of the top 5 mid laners set to dazzle at Worlds 2023.


5. T1 Faker

Source: LoL Esports


For the first time in his storied career, Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok will compete in Worlds on home soil, with high hopes of leaving a lasting mark with T1. After a win for Korea at the 2023 Asian Games, it would be a perfect cap for another strong year. 


Faker is arguably the most intangibly valuable player in the game. His importance to T1 was underlined in the LCK 2023 Summer Split. A noticeable dip in team performance during his absence due to a hand injury highlighted his value. Upon his return, T1 regained its composure, climbing from sixth in the regular season to reach the Grand Finals.


While some mid laners might outpace him mechanically at this event, Faker's unparalleled leadership, strategic insight, and vast experience make him an invaluable cornerstone for T1's youthful lineup. Many might debate rankings, but seeing T1's transformation with and without Faker cements his place on any list. While time may have slightly dulled his once-peerless mechanics, his leadership remains unmatched. Guiding the young band of talent on his squad, Faker's legacy and potential for a fourth Summoner's Cup remain undeniable.


4. BLG Yagao

Source: LoL Esports


Earlier perceptions of Zeng "Yagao" Qi being a one-dimensional player have been overhauled this season. Time and again, he's delivered standout performances, often stepping up as the backbone of the team when others faltered. His evolution as a player and his consistency in crucial moments have made him an essential part of Bilibili Gaming's success story. While Yagao might not always match up with the very best in terms of laning and teamfight prowess, his expertise with mages sets him apart. Depending on how other teams react to the rest of BLG's formidable lineup, Yagao might be in a strong position to excel. 


3. LNG Scout

Source: LPL


We have League of Legends' Tom Brady. After parting ways with EDward Gaming, Lee "Scout" Ye-Chan soared to new heights, arguably having his most stellar League of Legends season with LNG Esports. Clinching the MVP titles for both Spring and Summer Splits, Scout was instrumental in driving LNG to victory multiple times with performances that captured the world's attention.


His hallmark traits include exceptional consistency and a vast champion pool. The world champion of 2021 now has his sights set on leading a revitalized LNG deep into Worlds 2023. Boasting impressive summer stats in kills, KDA, and damage, Scout is poised for a formidable Worlds campaign. With a strong jungler and AD carry by his side, he's keen on securing a legacy as a two-time champion.


2. JDG knight

Source: LoL Esports


Having had a standout year, Zhuo "knight" Ding consistently showcased excellence on the rift. With his new team, knight's prowess has been undeniable. The summer season statistics reveal his dominance, as he topped LPL mid laners with him also having one of the highest kill and damage counts. He once again showed great versatility as well, playing a large amount of champions and showcasing many different playstyles.


Knight is the linchpin enabling his team to dictate the map's tempo, and he stands in contention for the world's best mid laner. His playstyle as a whole is comprehensive: impeccable laning, excellent versatility, and the innate ability to turn the tides in teamfights. 


Knight's exceptional mechanics are rivaled by few, and coupled with his daring nature and astute decision-making, he stands out as a crucial asset for championship-aspiring teams like JDG. Previously, skepticism clouded his international potential due to some past hiccups. However, 2023 has seen a resurgent Knight, bolstered by a robust JDG lineup that's now touted as the best this season. 


1. GEN Chovy

Source: LoL Esports


Few mid laners can match the unparalleled prowess of Chovy in the laning phase. He consistently dominates, ensuring his adversaries rarely experience the sweet taste of victory against him. His versatility is another feather in his cap. This year alone, he showcased his adaptability by mastering a vast array of champions, from playmakers to tanks to carriers, all executed with flair.


Such prowess hasn't gone unnoticed. Chovy is frequently heralded as one of the world's elite players, but a significant gap remains in his accolades: an international trophy. For over four years in the top echelons of the LCK, the elusive Summoner’s Cup has remained just out of his grasp. Now, with the tournament playing out in his homeland, the stakes are even higher.


His recent performances echo his readiness. Over the summer, he was a dominant force in the early game and even clinched the third spot in damage rankings among LCK mid laners. Coupled with three consecutive regional victories, Chovy stands on the precipice of legend.

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