RisingWings Unveils Major Update With New Plaguemancer Unit

Source: KRAFTON, Inc.

RisingWings, a subsidiary of KRAFTON, Inc., unveiled the first update for its latest real-time strategy defense mobile game, Defense Derby. The game, which revamps the tower defense genre, is now available for download in over 190 countries via Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and Samsung’s Galaxy Store. 


The update brings in the Plaguemancer, a novel magic-type unit from the beast faction. This unit possesses a unique ability named Plague Time, enabling it to infect adversaries. The Plague Time skill amplifies the damage it deals based on the Plaguemancer's attack power, making it more potent as it levels up.


Defense Derby distinguishes itself with its revolutionary "Betting Royale" genre, allowing players to partake in a gripping "scouting stage." Here, they compete in bids to secure units and craft their superior teams. Players strategically position these units in their fortresses to thwart continuous monster attacks, aiming to be the last player standing.


The game offers multiple modes to enrich players' experience. These include the core Derby Mode, the PvE-focused Blitz Mode, and the Valley of Trials, which imposes unit restrictions. Additionally, the Friendly Derby lets players combat their friends, and the Themed Mode, with changing rules, is available for a limited time. Future updates promise to bring the Ban Pick Mode and Quest Mode, providing even more diverse gameplay options.


For the latest Defense Derby updates, please visit https://defensederby.krafton.com and follow along on social media (Facebook | YouTube | Discord). 


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