T1 Faker: "Considering our current performance, we can win the summer championship."


On Aug. 9, in the 2023 LCK Summer Split playoffs, T1 defeated Dplus KIA 3-1 and advanced to the 2nd round. Although there were mistakes, T1 showcased better late game concentration and succeeded to win the series. As the 1st seed, KT Rolster, chose T1 for their opponent, they will face KT Rolster. After the match, T1 interim head coach Lim “Tom” Jae-hyeon and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok joined the media for an interview. 



How do you feel about advancing to the 2nd round?


Tom: Although we won 3-1, it wasn’t a clean win. I’m not sure which team KT will choose, but we’ll improve what we lack as much as we can.


Faker: I’m happy about the win. However, our performance wasn’t good, so we’ll fix that.


How did you prepare for today’s match?


Tom: We tried to retain the mid and jungle from the red side.


What are you unsatisfied about and what was better than the opponent to win?


Faker: When the opponent ganked early, I didn’t deal with it properly. That was disappointing. I think we were able to win because we had better late game concentration.


How is your wrist?


Faker: I’ve been playing with a different posture, so the main symptom isn’t too bad, but I’m still adapting to the posture. I’m trying to bring up my form.


It isn’t easy to change the posture. With the new posture, how well are you compared to your best form?


Faker: I’m still adapting, so it’s definitely less than my original posture.


You’ll be meeting KT Rolster or Gen.G. What are the strengths of the two teams?


Tom: KT Rolster is decisive, and Gen.G’s sidelane macro is good.


Faker: I agree.


You’ll be facing Bdd or Chovy. How do you see them?


Faker: The two players have different styles. They are good in their each styles, and they’re both good at making plays that the team needs.


If T1 with the original Faker’s performance is 100, how was it when he wasn’t playing, and how is it now? 


Tom: Even before Faker’s injury, the team wasn’t perfect. When Faker was out due to his injury, the other four players recognized their weaknesses and they’re fixing it, so I think it’s better now.


T1’s goal is always to win Worlds. What’s the current goal?


Tom: Before Faker was back, our goal was to make it to Worlds however possible, but aside from that, we are now aiming for the summer championship.


Faker: My personal goal is improving my performance. Considering our current performance, we can win the summer championship. It would be best if we do, but we need to improve our performance more to do so.


If you get to Worlds, who do you want to face?


Tom: I want to meet JD Gaming since we lost to them at MSI.


Faker: It’s the same for me. I remember losing to LPL teams, so I want to face them.


Any last comments?


Tom: Whichever team we meet, we won’t get intimidated. We’re capable of beating anybody. I’ll make sure that we get good results.


Faker: My performance today wasn’t as good as expected. I’ll make sure that I show my best performance in the next match.

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