Postmatch team interview with all of Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy defeated H2K 3-0 to advance to the grand finals of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship, raising their already impressive tournament winrate to an astounding 91%.

The entire Samsung Galaxy team participated in this postmatch interview.

You were off to a bad start in Game 1 with Ambition giving away first blood. How did you feel then and there?

Crown: Honestly, I thought we were fine. Ryu made a mistake coming down bot, Ambition got a kill, and things got better from there. Then we got obliterated by Olaf in a teamfight, but even then I didn’t think we were in a bad spot. They were up by a bit in kills, but we were ahead on objectives, so we decided to play it slow. After that it was smooth sailing.

Ambition: I agree; I think the first blood was just bad luck. I knew we could win when Cassiopeia died the second time.

Still, you looked to be trailing behind until the triple kill near Baron secured the comeback. What was the team's thought process during that moment?

CuVee: I simply said that I could definitely stop their Baron attempt. They were sloppy while pulling back, so I was able to take a triple kill.

How do you think the toplane matchup between you and Duke will go?

CuVee: Duke’s champion pool is very large so he will still have a lot of cards up his sleeves. I don’t think I’ll be able to dominate him regardless of the champion he chooses because of how stable his style of play is. As for me, I don’t have any kind of hidden trump card prepared.

What was the decision process behind the Miss Fortune support?

CoreJJ: We never practiced around the pick as a team, and I never really pulled her out before until today. But since I did have some experience on it from my ADC days, and liked playing the champion, we decided to give it a go. It's very good against Zyra.

In the draft for Game 3, I picked Zyra because we suspected the opposing support would not be comfortable on Miss Fortune. We were right, and the Zyra pick worked wonders.

You all seem to be reaching new heights as players each passing week.

Ambition: Personally I feel we are yet to play at the level we should. I think this is because we did not play against extremely good teams on our way through the knockout stage. I hope to improve a lot during our preparations for the finals.

Crown: I think I'm improving. I'm not sure about the other lanes, but there are many experienced midlaners in this tournament, and the players I have faced off against so far were all very good. I hope to improve even more for the finals and show the fans a great match.

Ruler: My thought are the same as Crown’s. All the ADCs I've met were very skilled players.

Up until now, most of the team's victories have been very swift.

Crown: This may sound very arrogant, but I think it was just because we were more skilled than the teams we went up against.

Nidalee, Olaf, Lee Sin, and Elise. Out of those four, which do you prefer to play, and why?

Ambition: I always thought that Nidalee was extremely overpowered, but I can't play it often since it's almost always banned. Other than Nidalee, I really like playing Olaf because I love farming the jungle, which Olaf can do very quickly.

Was there anything to learn from NA solo queue?

Ruler: I was playing Ranked while watching yesterday’s match live, and when I picked Ashe, my support locked in Miss Fortune. It was quite an eye-opening moment.

What do you think of the crowd today? Weren't they great?

Crown: It's really fun to play in front of NA fans. I found myself thinking maybe I would’ve had more fun if I was born in North America.

SKT has two junglers. Who do you want to play against?

Ambition: I think it’ll be better if I play against Blank, but I think Bengi will be playing, and will primarily prepare for him. It’ll be fun to prepare with a vengeful mindset - after all, Bengi did give me nightmares once. [Editor's Note: This is a reference to one of the best LCK Bo5s of all time - 2015 SBENU LOL Champions Korea Spring Playoffs, SKT vs CJ.]

As a player who has been around since the very beginning of competitive League of Legends, how are you feeling?

Ambition: I never thought I'd make it this far. For the longest time, I was resigned to the fact that I might never get to even play at Worlds. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be, I thought.

Now I'm in the finals. Perhaps all my years of waiting have been for this moment.

Do any of you have a message for SKT?

Ambition: You talk of domination, but we won’t fall so easily.

Crown: I don’t have much to say. Let's have fun games.

Ruler: Not much to say, either. I’ll work hard and play well.

Any comments on yesterday's SKT vs ROX series?

Ambition: Both teams made several mistakes. If SKT makes such mistakes against us, I think we will have a good chance.

Wolf, angered at his own play yesterday, said he would take it all out against Samsung.

CoreJJ: He’s a lovable younger brother to me, so I feel bad for saying this, but I hope he only builds up more wrath in the finals and take it out on the plane home.

Do you ever miss being an ADC?

CoreJJ: I never did, but playing Miss Fortune today was really fun and made me miss the role quite a bit. From now on, I might feel wistful from time to time.

Would you have felt differently about the finals if you had been set to face ROX?

CuVee: Both teams were powerful contenders so I would’ve still been worried. The only thing to change would be how we'd prepare against a different team with different players.

Final thoughts?

CuVee: I thought I was maybe the third best top laner in the semifinals, but now I have been given the chance to prove myself as the very best in the world. So I will.

CoreJJ: I believe we now have a decent case for being the second best bot lane in the world. I think we can do more.

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