KT Lehends: "I believe our biggest strength now is that we’re having fun while playing."


On Jul. 29, in the 2023 LCK Summer Split, KT Rolster prevailed in the Telecom Derby against T1. Continuing their long winning streak, KT Rolster had a clean 2-0 victory and remained at the top of the standings. After the match, head coach Kang “Hirai” Dong-hoon and support Son “Lehends” Si-woo joined the media for an interview.



How do you feel about today’s win?


Hirai: Although Faker is missing, the other players are good, and they have potential. I was slightly worried, but I’m happy that we had a clean win.


Lehends: Since we had a clean 2-0 win, I feel that we’re doing well, so I feel good.


How did you pick Vayne in game 2?


Hirai: We prepared a LOT. [Laughs] We’ve been practicing it for a long time. The situation was good today, so we picked it. Our bot duo is doing well, Aiming is doing well, so we picked it without any worries.


(To Lehends) When the team decided to pick Vayne, how were you going to play the game?


Lehends: As everyone knows, Vayne’s ability to clear waves is bad, but Aiming has been doing so well lately. We picked it with confidence.


Up to now, KT has always been weak against T1, but this summer, you beat them twice. How is the current KT different from the past?


Hirai: First of all, the players are different. The former players were good, but they’re different. The current players all have their pros and cons, but it all blended together well over the spring season to create great synergy. The coaches and players worked so hard. But if we were to meet T1 in their full form, it won’t be easy.


(To Lehends) How is summer KT different from spring KT?


Lehends: We all each had our own preferences and directions. The winning formula was all different as well. Now, in the summer, we’re eyeing the same direction, and we’ve been winning. When we win, it’s fun. I believe our biggest strength now is that we’re having fun while playing. Even if we lose, we accept the feedback well and prepare for the next game. It’s probably possible because we’ve been having good results.


You’ve been roaming the whole map lately. Do you think your performance and view of the game have changed? Or did you decide it’s better that way to win?


Lehends: Last year, the team’s winning formula was to make Ruler grow, and I needed to support him. My role was different, but I also think I wasn’t as good a pro gamer. This year, I have a different ADC. It’s important that Aiming survives on his own well when I roam, and the reason I roam a lot is that he does well.


Any last comments?


Hirai: I’m happy that we won, but since they weren’t in their best form, I hope we meet them again when they’re in their best form. I hope he gets better ASAP. Thank you to all fans who cheer for us. I’ll work harder.


Lehends: We still have two games left this season. I’ll make sure that we get two more wins and do well in the playoffs, and make sure that we win the championship.

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