T1 Oner: "Faker actively provides feedback and support to boost team morale."


In a fierce showdown against DRX during the 2023 LCK Summer Split on Jul. 27, T1 suffered a 1-2 defeat, marking their fourth consecutive loss. With this loss, T1's record dropped to 7 wins and 8 losses, dropping their win rate below 50%. Today, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok was absent once again. After the match, interim head coach Lim “Tom” Jae-hyeon and jungler Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon joined the media for an interview.



How do you evaluate today’s game?


Tom: We came into this match with the determination to break the losing streak and secure a victory, so it's disappointing that we didn't achieve the desired outcome.


Oner: We were hoping to break the losing streak today before we prepare for the match against KT Rolster, but the defeat is regretful.


It seemed that communication was lacking during today's game.


Tom: Sometimes, there were missed shotcalls, and there seemed to be delays in decision-making regarding objectives.


Oner: We believe that better communication can be achieved. We noticed a sense of urgency during objective plays, resulting in unfavorable outcomes.


In which aspects did you feel this sense of urgency?


Oner: From champion picks to fulfilling their roles in the early and mid game, there's a feeling of rushing to catch up when things don't go as planned. Also, we’ve been trying to improve individual forms, and there’s the sudden addition of Poby as well, so sometimes, the communication that went well before doesn’t go as it did. There’s not much time left, so we believe the key lies in improving feedback.


What efforts are the team members making to improve the team's performance?


Oner: We’re not doing well, so we engaged in more candid conversations. We cleared up some misunderstandings, and the practice was alright, but the result is disappointing.


As someone watching the games closely, does Faker offer any advice?


Oner: Currently, he is focusing on solo queue and treatment. Faker actively provides feedback and support to boost team morale, such as offering advice to Poby or attending scrim sessions to observe and offer guidance.


Since Faker’s absence, the team is 1-6. Do you think there will be a dramatic change if Faker returns?


Tom: With his return, we expect more flexibility in the draft and improved in-game performance compared to the current state.


It won’t be easy against KT Rolster. How do you think it’ll go?

Tom: KT Rolster is a team that has been playing aggressively and displaying excellent momentum recently. If we capitalize on their mistakes during objectives, we might be able to have favorable results.


Oner: KT is on a long winning streak, and their performance has been really good. Their momentum is remarkable. Although we’re on a losing streak, if we beat them, we’ll be able to turn things around. We’ll stand tall and strive to win.


Is there a chance that Faker will miss the playoffs as well?


Tom: That’s the worst-case scenario. We’re aiming for his return before the playoffs. As the coaching staff, we’ve been closely monitoring his condition, such as checking when he feels uncomfortable in his arm during practice, and when he buys in-game items with his left hand.


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