'Mini Royale: Nations' Review

'Mini Royale: Nations' is probably the most accessible game among P2E games, as it can be played on the web browser. You don't need to install the game, and even in Korea, where you can't play P2E games without a VPN, you don't need the VPN. It's the same with actually playing the game. You don't need to purchase an NFT character to enjoy it. The entry barrier is arguably the lowest among all Web2 and Web3 games.


From approaching the game to playing is very short, and actual game time is short as well. As an FPS game, 'Mini Royale's' battles are extremely fast. It's not just about the speed - the overall system that forms the game is quite casual. One game takes less than five minutes, and there's little to no recoil, so even FPS newbies can easily play the game.

Easy, fast, and convenient
An FPS with extreme casualness


There's no recoil, so obviously, there's no ballistics. So if you're an FPS gamer that expects detailed shooting, which is the trend for recent FPS games, you might be disappointed. However, considering that it is played on the web browser, it's not a drawback. 'Mini Royale' is an FPS that can be played anywhere, anytime if you have an internet connection, so it can be a pro as well as a con.


Exclusive content is also added from time to time through additional seasons. Currently, you can only enjoy death matches and flag games in Season 4: Samurai Jackpot, but another unique mode will be added afterward.


Death matches and flag games aren't very different from other FPS games. In the death match, the team that scores 30 kills first within the limited time wins. In the flag game, you have to steal as many flags as possible from the opponent's territory and bring them back to your own territory. It's simple, therefore, it's perfect for 'Mini Royale'.


▲ Currently, there are only two modes.

Not yet enough to play for long
Not bad to play lightly, key is consistent updates


Its casualness is its biggest strength, but it's also the game's biggest weakness. Sometimes, just two modes aren't enough. There should be at least a battle royal mode, which became the key mode in FPS games over the past few years. In previous seasons, there was a battle royal mode, but as the seasons went on, they took it out, probably to present other modes. However, other modes haven't been updated yet, so there isn't enough to enjoy as a game.


As a P2E game, it needs to be fun, but profitability is also important. 'Mini Royale' is a game provided by Solana, so its background is quite solid. The marketability of the game item NFT is also active. However, it's questionable if you ask if you can make money through 'Mini Royale'.


The main resources of 'Mini Royale' are Orbs, Enriched Orbs, Butter, CHEDDAR, and ROYALE. Among these resources, Orbs, Enriched Orbs, and Butter or off-chain. Simply put, they're in-game money, which isn't registered in exchanges like tokens or coins. That being said, you have to earn CHEDDAR and ROYALE while spending some of it on in-game content, but the problem is that the profitability hasn't yet been structured. Furthermore, CHEDDAR and ROYALE haven't even been publicized in exchanges.



▲ You can say that unlocking characters and fusing them is the only tokenomics in 'Mini Royale'.


Originally, the plan for 'Mini Royale' was to have users buy clan war tickets with Butter, get rewarded with CHEDDAR, and use it to build or upgrade buildings on clan land while allowing them to deal it through exchanges, but this isn't available. It's not that the content isn't there — the content is there, but the tokenomics that back it isn't complete yet, so upgrade points and Butter replaces it.


Since it's not on chain yet, the only way to make a profit in 'Mini Royale' is to sell NFT. To do so, you have to purchase the battle pass and spend a LOT of time on the game. Compared to other P2E games, the profitability is extremely low, since you have to make an NFT skin and sell it.


Overall, 'Mini Royale' is rather dissatisfying as a P2E game. The low entry barrier with the web browser and casualness is great, but that doesn't connect directly with the fun. It's not only when it's compared to recent FPS games. From Fortnite to Valorant, or CS:GO, there are many different games that can be played lightly already. The only advantage 'Mini Royale' has is that you don't need to install it.



It goes the same with profitability. It hasn't yet structured the planned tokenomics yet, and the current tokenomics is only at its initial level compared to other P2E games. Considering that casual shooting games usually give tokens, although it's a small amount, as a reward, and that motivates gamers, the tokenomics of 'Mini Royale' is quite heavy, which contrasts with the casualness of the game. If it's a P2E game, the tokenomics have to be improved.

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