'Spider Tanks' Review

'Spider Tanks' is a PvP game that is provided by Gala Games, which is one of the biggest blockchain game platforms. Players can customize their own tanks, make teams with other players, and battle. Although it's a blockchain game, players can play without buying an NFT. It can be enjoyed for free, and players can also rent tanks from other users, 'captains', to enjoy the game more.


The tank rent process is extremely simple. You don't even need to find a captain — you just need to go to the pilot menu from the garage, where you can customize tanks. Through this process, you can enjoy the game as a 'pilot' by randomly borrowing a tank that captains registered in the Drop Pod.

The 'fun' of a game is there
Great graphics and system


▲ You can rent a tank through the pilot program even if you don't have a tank NFT.


This method is beneficial to both the captain and the pilot. In 'Spider Tanks', players gain victory points by winning games, and they can gain the SILK token with the victory points. If you participate in games as a pilot, 90% of the winnings (10% fee) are distributed to the captain and pilot — both taking half of the winnings. Captains can gain extra victory points through pilots even when they're not playing the game, and pilots can participate in the GameFi environment without purchasing an NFT.


However, there are demerits as well. The pilot cannot choose which tank to rent. Pilots usually aren't used to the tank they're playing, and it changes every game, so it'll be difficult to show the tank's full potential.


The most important part is that Spider Tanks did not forget about the fun of playing games. It's easy to see that many P2E games are more about earning than having fun playing games, which is actually the core of gaming. The number of P2E games that lack quality compared to other games proves it. Unlike the 'pickaxe' games, 'Spider Tanks' did not forget the fun. It is fully devoted to P2E.



The graphics, which give the first impression of the game, are pretty good compared to other mass-produced P2E games. The overall design is clean, and it's even kind of cute. The tanks' weapons and bodies can be customized, and the appearance changes accordingly, which is quite nice.


The graphics aren't the only thing that's nice about the game. The core of 'Spider Tanks' is all about the fun that comes from tank customization and diverse modes. Players can craft their own tanks in their garage. The tank's performance is decided by its body, weapon, 1st skill, and 2nd skill.



The body has three attributes: defense (HP), speed, and energy recovery per second, which is needed to use skills. The body's defense and speed are usually inversely proportional, although not all bodies are like that, so players have to choose depending on their weapons or playstyle. The weapons are even more diverse. Flamethrowers, which specialize in melee combat, sniper weapons with strong single shots, cannons that can attack past obstacles, or weapons that deal AOE damage. There's the basic Gatling gun, and even a healer-type weapon that heals allies.


Like its diversity, the attributes that decide the weapon's performance are also diverse. Compared to the bodies' three attributes, there's so much more to consider for the weapon: damage type, projectile damage, clip size or number of projectiles, explosion range, reload time, range, projectile speed, crowd control (time), launch speed, etc.

A variety of fun from many variables
A P2E game that's fully devoted to fun


By combining these assets, players need to compose a tank that suits their playstyle. If you're a player that enjoys plunging into the enemy area to fight everywhere, you'll need to choose a body with high defense and equip yourself with a flamethrower — a weapon with short range but strong melee damage. If you want to check your enemies from afar, you should choose a high-speed body with a long-range weapon.


The skills are elements that support these characteristics of the tanks. If your style is plunging into the enemy area, you might want to choose Teleport and Shield. If you like checking your enemies from afar, you would be better off with a Turret and Recovery. The playstyle varies depending on how you customize the tank, so it can be a new experience with each customization. This is another part that the developers thought of fun first, even if it's a P2E game.



The time limit of 3 minutes and 30 seconds is just the appropriate amount. There are a couple of chances to turn the game around, and even when you're losing, it's quite short, so there's not that much pressure. Through the diverse tank customizations and modes, the game keeps the players from falling into mannerisms. There are many different modes, such as death matches, conquers, escort, flag games (actually chickens, not flags), collecting chickens, etc. Each game mode is decided randomly, so the system prevents a certain type of customization from gaining favor in every game.


Regardless of the mode, to win, all teammates have to cooperate. If it's an escort mode, someone has to escort the chicken, and the others have to interfere with the enemy. Individual performance is important, but cooperation is just as important.



Overall, 'Spider Tanks' is a game that sticks out among the games from the GameFi environment. The graphics, the fun part of gaming, and the P2E aspects are well-balanced. You can collect SILK, purchase components, and customize your own tank, so it also has depth.


The level design is great as well, with the short play time and just the right amount of competitiveness. It's fun playing through random matching, but you can also party with friends to cover for each others' weaknesses through customization.


However, the game has its cons. It is about the NFT. High-grade NFT parts (Body, weapons) are that much strong. It's far stronger than the free parts, which you cannot gain victory points with, or tanks you can rent through the Pilot Program. It's not that one high-grade tank can devour another tank, but it still has a vastly high attribute, so there's the danger of becoming a P2W (Pay to Win) game.


▲8.61 points. If it were my own tank instead of a pilot program tank, I would have gained about 18 points.


There's another con. You have to have a high-grade tank NFT to gain more victory points (=SILK tokens). It depends on which tank you rent, but compared to a teammate that had their own tank NFT, the gainable victory points were far lower than expected. Unless you play it to have fun and earn a bit extra on the side, it seemed impossible to actually earn money through the Pilot Program.


Even with the cons, 'Spider Tanks' is one of the most well-made games among the P2E games. The overall quality is great, and it's fun. It's free-to-play, and even if you want to spend some money, you can have fun with less than $100, so it's a great P2E game.

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