DRX head coach Micro: "Objectives are just to force fights and that the teamfights are the most important."


On Jun. 29, in the 2023 LCK Summer Split, DRX faced Liiv SANDBOX. After three full games, DRX ended up on top. It was a valuable win for DRX as they collected their second win of the season. After the match, head coach Kim “Micro” Mok-kyoung and jungler Lee “Juhan” Ju-han joined the media for an interview.



Congrats on today’s win. How do you feel?


Micro: It’s meaningful since it’s the first time we had two straight wins this season. As the meta changed, I hoped the players would play the way we practiced. Today’s win was great for us since they understood the draft well and played the games well.


Juhan: We lost game 1, but even after losing it, I didn’t think we would lose. I believe we were able to win because we all improved a lot.


What did you try to improve after the last win? What did you prepare against LSB?


Micro: When we lost game 1 against NS RedForce, we fell in early objective fights. So I told the players that the objectives are just to force fights and that the teamfights are the most important. Also, as the patch shifted, I thought Tristana would appear often, so we practiced the matchups a lot. Whatever the opponent picked, we were confident in facing it. Last but not least, Juhan’s proficiency in Ivern was good too.


Why do you think you lost game 1?


Juhan: We were too urgent in the last part when Jax was pushing the side lane, and we started a fight.


Micro: After the game, I thought we should understand the opponent’s draft well. It seemed that they didn’t want to give us Sejuani and Jax, so we needed to change the flow of the draft. The last teamfight we had was clunky because we were too urgent.


You’ll be facing OK BRION, and it’s necessary for you to beat them if you want to make the playoffs.


Micro: We watched their match from the waiting room. At first, I thought Gen.G would blow them out, since they’re really good, but OK BRION played well too. We’re in a situation where we must win, so we’ll be preparing thoroughly. Everyone knows that we need to get this win to make the playoffs. I’ll make sure that we win by preparing well.


There was a mistake while hitting the Nexus. Did you give feedback about that?


Micro: If I discussed that, the players could have been shaken up. I just told the players that we’re better and went straight into discussing the draft. Anyone could have made the same mistake, and it’s a valuable experience for the players. I don’t think I’ll bring it up in the future either.


When was the most difficult moment of today’s match?


Micro: The draft went as we wanted in game 2. The teamfights were good. I didn’t really even watch game 2 much since I wanted to prepare the draft for game 3. In game 3, I thought it would be okay if Ivern didn’t die. When it did die, it was a crisis for us, but Tristana was still alive and saved the day.


It seems that there are more champions BeryL can play in the new patch. How are you planning to use this to your advantage?


Micro: As everyone knows, BeryL’s Rell is fantastic. We also found that we can play champions like Heimerdinger through scrims. Whenever the meta or the patch changes, we can get ahead. We always talk about how we can utilize the new weapons, and I believe that’s why we had a good result today.


How satisfied are you with Paduck?


Micro: I can say 100%. As a rookie, he could make mistakes, and he would feel pressure. However, even in the games we lost, he has been doing everything he can do. I’d like to say he’s doing better than expected.


On the other hand, kyeahoo isn’t playing. What do you think he needs to improve?


Micro: The meta changed a lot due to Statikk Shiv. In that regard, it’s difficult for kyeahoo, who’s a rookie, to adapt fully. On the other hand, FATE has a lot of experience, so he utilizes the item builds well. There are strengths kyeahoo brings to the team, but if he can’t follow the meta, it’s difficult to compete. He’s still a player with great potential, so if he gets more experienced, he’ll become a great player.


Any last comments?


Micro: It’s the first time we got two consecutive wins, I really want to make it into three. Our goal is to at least get to the playoffs. I’ll make sure that we can return next match in better shape than today. 


Juhan: I’m happy that we won. I think it’ll feel really good if we can win the next one too. Thank you.

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