[2017 MSI] A big match between SKT T1 vs GAM - a battle of junglers that holds the key to victory


The 4 victory streak team SKT T1 collides with the 1 win 3 losses GIGABYTE Marines in Round 5 of the 3rd day of the 2017 Mid Season Invitational (MSI) Group Stage taking place in San Paulo, Brazil on April 13th.

They already faced each other in the Group Stage Day 1, and SKT T1 claimed victory with their higher level of skills. However, GAM was not being timid against SKT T1, the best League of Legends team in the world. They attempted to strike back, although the team did not perform well enough to turn the tables.

In fact, the difference in strength between the teams has become much larger compared to Day 1. SKT T1 is maintaining their best condition after adjusting themselves to the local environment. Even though the team showed a couple of loose moments during the Day 1 matches, their performance in Day 2 was impeccable. It was a performance that proves they are determined to show no carelessness until they have earned that final victory.

On the other hand, the atmosphere around GAM, a team that was considered the dark horse of this MSI, has taken a bit of a downturn. The team has a 3 loss streak after only one victory against TSM. The aggressive movement that GAM is known for is ironically what has them tied down. The team has repeatedly made disappointing plays, which cause them to lose games that could have been won quite easily.

It became apparent in the Day 2 match between SKT T1 and TSM that a mistake made by a jungler could lead to the team’s loss. Because of that, the key players to victory of this re-match are each team’s jungler - Wangho “Peanut” Han and “Levi”. Peanut’s current condition is by far the best. The assessment that he is weak in big matches is not valid any longer. In fact, some might say he has won some of the matches single-handedly. After receiving the title of MVP for the 2017 LCK Spring Finals, Peanut is showing his dominant existence in this year’s MSI as well.

Levi, the ace jungler of GAM, has left an excellent impression on League of Legends fans around the world by playing a critical role in the 2016 All-Star Event. Levi showed great performances with carry champions such as Kha’Zix, Graves, and Elise at the time. He also got first blood on Seunghun “Huni” Heo’s Rumble by pulling off a speedy top lane gank during the Day 1 match.

GAM should have learned from the Day 1 match that a direct assault against SKT T1 is not likely to yield victory. The best chance GAM has to claim victory would be through precise plays and teamwork. Will GAM rebel against the best team in the world and create a surprise ending? Much is expected to happen in the next couple of hours.

2017 MSI Group Stage Day 3 Schedule

Round 1 G2 Esports vs TSM
Round 2 SKT T1 vs Flash Wolves
Round 3 Gigabyte Marines vs Team WE
Round 4 G2 Esports vs Flash Wolves
Round 5 Gigabyte Marines vs SKT T1
Round 6 Team WE vs TSM

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