HLE head coach DanDy: "Clid has to lead everyone as the captain of the team."


In the 2023 LCK Summer Split on Jun. 23, Hanwha Life Esports faced Liiv SANDBOX. It was a tough fight, but Hanwha Life Esports managed to pull through with Park “Viper” Do-hyeon’s pentakill. With the 2-1 victory, Hanwha Life Esports secured their third win of the season. After the match, head coach Choi “DanDy” In-kyu and jungler Kim “Clid” Tae-min joined the media for an interview.



How do you feel about collecting three straight wins?


DanDy: I’m glad to extend our winning streak. The only regret is that we won 2-1 instead of 2-0.


Clid: I’m happy about the winning streak, but my individual performance and mistakes were disappointing.


Which moment was the most disappointing?


Clid: I made a mistake in game 2 as I tried to make a play at the Raptor camp, and that led to an accident. It showed that I was too hasty.


DanDy: I agree. In game 2, we invaded their jungle and lost, so the game tumbled down. Even so, we could have made a favorable situation if we fully utilized our composition, but we weren’t able to. It’s a bit regretful that we sometimes fall helplessly when we’re behind.


Your matchup next week is tough.


DanDy: It’s not easy since we lost to KT and T1. I believe our evaluations will rise if we start winning more.


Clid: It’ll be a tough week. We’ll have to work hard in our weekend match against OK BRION to continue to improve and keep our flow.


(To DanDy) It seems the matches against the top-tier teams will be difficult. Whose role do you think will be the most important?


DanDy: Obviously, everyone is important, but I believe Clid has to lead everyone as the captain of the team to beat them.


Clid: I’ll work hard to live up to the expectations.


You’ve been emphasizing the importance of teamwork and team synergy. How much do you think you’ve built?


DanDy: I feel that it’s definitely better than the spring. When we start on the right foot with a good matchup, it goes fine, but when we fall behind or when things don’t go our way, we start to trip. If we fix that, we’ll be able to finish the season well.


Any last comments?


Clid: Thank you for cheering for us until late. Our performance was shaky, but I’ll make sure that we practice hard to return with a consistently good performance.

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