[MARBLEX] Expected return for Marblership staking and mining period simulation

Up to 690 MBX minable with Marblership NFT


Staking Marblership, Marblex's membership NFT, allows you to mine the MBX allocated to each NFT. The amount mined depends on the tier of the Marblership. The seven common tiers of Marblerships - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple - can mine up to 849.49 MBX, while the highest tier, Rainbow, can mine 1,353 MBX.


However, you can't mine all of it at once. The amount you can mine is different by level from Lv.1 to Lv.7 for Marblerships. For example, a normal Marblership can only mine 28 MBX out of 849 MBX at Lv.1. You'll need to level up to mine the remaining MBX.


To level up the Marblership, you have to mine all the MBX allocated for that level and pay a small amount of MBX as a fee. Also, when you claim the MBX you mined through staking, you have to pay a 2.5% fee. Therefore, the actual MBX you can claim after deducting the fee and cost to level up is 371.193 MBX for common tiers and 690.93 MBX for rainbow tiers.

▲ Common Marblerships’ mining amount, fee, level-up cost, and actual mining amount.

▲ Rainbow Marblership’s mining amount, fee, level-up cost, and actual mining amount.

Up to 7 years needed when only mining with NFT


The mining Marblex NFT staking calculation formula is rather complex. Just going over the key points, the mining amount per hour differs by (1) the Minable amount of NFT, (2) the amount of additional deposited MBX, (3) the NFT collection’s basic APR, and (4) the boost efficiency of the additional deposited MBX.

▲ The calculation formula of NFT staking. (Source: Marblex Whitepaper)


Marblerships’ basic APR is 100%. If you only mine with NFT without additional deposited MBX, it takes 1 year to mine the amount allocated per level. That being said, it takes 7 years to mine from Lv.1 to Lv.7.


Dividing the actual mining amount of normal Marblership (371.193 MBX) by 7 years makes about 0.145 MBX per day on average, and since the allocated mining amount is less at lower levels, the hourly mining amount is lower as well. So the actual mining amount of a Lv.1 normal Marblership is 0.075 MBX.


▲ If you mine without any additional MBX deposit, it takes 7 years, and the hourly mining rate is low as well.

2.5 MBX more minable annually per 1 additional MBX deposit


If you deposit additional MBX tokens into NFT staking, you can increase the mining rate. Marblerships’ boost efficiency is set at 250%. This means that if you deposit additional MBX as much as you can mine from the Marblership you’re staking, an additional 250% APR is added from the basic 100%, so you can mine at a 3.5 speed. Depending on the number, tier, and level of Marblerships that you’re staking, the extra APR differs even if you have the same amount of extra MBX deposited.


The effect of depositing additional MBX is easy to understand by looking at the increase in hourly mining instead of APR. Regardless of the tier, amount, or level of Marblership staked, every additional deposit of 1 MBX increases your annualized mining rate by 2.5 MBX. This is a multiplier that matches the acceleration efficiency of Marblerships, which is 250%.


This means that staking Marblerships gives you access to an additional 250% APR MBX staking. Even without the 2.5% fee, the APR is 243.75%, which is much higher than the APR cap of 100% for MBXL staking. So it could be said that you're not depositing MBX tokens to get a head start on the Marblership, but rather that you need the Marblership to be mineable in order to stake MBX at a higher APR.


▲ Regardless of the Marblership’s tier or level, the annual minable amount increases by 2.5 MBX per 1 additionally deposited MBX.
▲ The 250% APR for additional MBX deposits is much higher than the 100% ARP cap for MBXL staking.

Estimated mining period and daily mining volume based on the amount of additional MBX deposited


Based on the mining formula, you can calculate the mining duration for each tier and level of Marblership and the amount of additionally deposited MBX. This gives you an idea of how long it will take to mine all your quota, and how much you can actually mine per day after fees and leveling up costs.


Rainbow Marblerships have a larger allocation than regular Marblerships, so your effective daily mining rate will be higher for rainbow tiers, and you'll be able to mine for longer. Assuming you deposit an additional 1,000 MBX, you can mine an average of 3.181 MBX for 116 days with a regular Marblership, and an average of 3.832 MBX for 180 days with a rainbow Marblership.


▲ Mining period and actual daily mining amount per additional MBX deposit for normal Marblerships.
▲ Mining period and actual daily mining amount per additional MBX deposit for rainbow Marblerships.

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