KT Aiming: "If I get the chance, I’d love to play against Uzi."


On Jun. 16, DRX faced KT Rolster in the 2023 LCK Summer Split. It was a swift 2-0 sweep for KT Rolster as they won game 1 in 22 minutes and game 2 in 25 minutes. With the win, they made up for the loss against Gen.G last week. Coach Choi “supreme” Seung-min and bot laner Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram had a few words to share with the media after the match, as they joined the press room.



Congrats on the victory. How do you feel?


supreme: The term was a bit long since our last match, so I was slightly worried, but we had a clean performance and played well. I’m happy about that.


Aiming: I’m really glad that we won today.


You won two games in under 48 minutes today. How did you prepare for today’s match after your loss against Gen.G?


supreme: There weren’t any issues after the loss. The players gathered themselves and prepared well as if nothing happened.


Aiming: Although we lost today, I thought we were a good team. Even if there was an issue last game, we didn’t let it get to us.


You played Taliyah today, which was 0-8 in the spring playoffs. How did you pick it?


supreme: Although Taliyah had a bad record in the playoffs, it wasn’t that it’s a bad champion. Bdd is really good playing Taliyah, and things went well with the pick during scrims, so we didn’t hesitate to pick it.


What about the Jinx pick?


Aiming: The opponent picked Aphelios early. Jinx is good against Aphelios in the late game, so I picked it.


Your head coach, Hirai, won’t be with you for two weeks. How do you plan to deal with the situation?


supreme: Hirai can’t make it to the arena, so I try to ease the players’ minds as much as possible on my behalf and deliver his messages to them. The practice goes well regardless.


You’ll be playing Liiv SANDBOX on Sunday. It’s an important match for you which might decide the standings. How do you think it’ll go?


supreme: We’re well aware that it’s an important match, and I agree that it could decide where we end up. Liiv SANDBOX is a good team. If we beat them, we’ll be able to find some momentum to do even better.


(To Aiming) You’ll be facing Teddy. What do you think?


Aiming: It’s been a while since I faced him in the league. Teddy’s a great player. It’s fun to play against great players starting from the laning phase, so I’ll have fun preparing.


Uzi returned as a player. Any comments on that?


Aiming: Uzi has an excellent reputation. If we could get to reach Worlds, I might be able to face him. If I get the chance, I’d love to play against Uzi.


When did you think you’ll win today?


supreme: We got a good lead in the top lane. After that play, I thought we’d win if the players don’t get too hyped. We had a good start in game 2 as well, but there was an accident. I’m happy with the players for resolving the situation well.


Any last comments?


supreme: After we face Liiv SANDBOX on Sunday, we’ll have to face Dplus KIA and T1. We’ll do our best to keep our flow through those games.


Aiming: Liiv SANDBOX is a team that plays aggressively from early in the game, and they have Teddy for the late game. They’re a well-balanced team, so I’ll prepare well for the match.


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