BRO UmTi: "Many people say that the meta in the new patch is confusing, but I think it’s almost the same."


On Jun. 15, in the 2023 LCK Summer Split, Dplus KIA and OK BRION faced off. Although Dplus KIA was favored, OK BRION managed to upset them by winning games 2 and 3. After the match, OK BRION jungler Eom “UmTi” Seong-hyeon joined the media to talk about their first win of the season.



How do you feel about getting your first win of the season?


Our preparation process wasn’t that good. We tried many different things, but the results were bad. This time, we said that we should try how we did before, and that worked out. Ivory, who was called up, did well too, and all the other players were in good form. That’s probably why we won. I’m happy that we all did well today.


How was your mindset going into today’s game?


I used to think that we should win no matter what, but I tried changing that. This time, my mindset was that it doesn’t matter if we win or lose; what’s important is to do everything I can do.


Dplus KIA mentioned that the top lane kills in games 2 and 3 were the biggest reason for their losses. How did you plan to play the game?


My main focus today was ganking. Even in game 1, I ganked a LOT. Today, I saw many angles that the opponents couldn’t respond to, and there were situations that ganking worked out well. There was some luck for me as well.


Several teams have mentioned that it’s difficult to figure out the champion tiers in the new patch. How is it in OK BRION?


We tried many different champions in this patch version. We tried aggressive champions, champions that gain initiative, and everything. It didn’t really work out, so we went back to picking simply strong champions. After that, it started to get better. Many people say that the meta in the new patch is confusing, but I think it’s almost the same. Not much has changed.


You played with a new mid laner today. Wasn’t it difficult building teamwork?


Obviously, it was difficult. It’s not perfect even now. We all thought that we should do whatever we can do.


Which moment was the most memorable for you today?


The most memorable moment was when I played Poppy and dove into the bot lane. I think the opponent was confused since Poppy hadn’t appeared for a while. Fortunately for me, Poppy is kind of a signature pick. There are so many different builds and runes Poppy could take, so it isn’t a pick that anybody can play.


You’ll be facing T1. How do you think it’ll go?


I’ll go into the game with the same mindset. Whether we win or lose, I’ll do my best to do everything I can.


Any last comments?


I always promised our fans that I’ll make them happy. It’s a relief that I got to make them happy today. Our team struggled lately, including me, and I’m grateful to everyone for working so hard. We got the company card today, so we’ll have a feast. [Laughs] We’ll enjoy the meal and work harder to face T1.


What are you eating?


I think we’ll eat beef KBBQ. Wherever Ivory wants to go.

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