[Meta World] Expert 2 recommended deck for auto-play, “Beatrice, Shu, Haruna, Lona”

Board game auto-play, "Activated when there are no actions for 10 seconds”


If you do nothing for 10 seconds, auto-play is activated. When it’s transitioned to auto-play, it is displayed in the center of the screen that auto-play is activated. You can deactivate auto-play whenever you want by clicking (touching) the screen to play the game yourself.


▲ If you do nothing after the game starts, the dice card to decide the turn is selected automatically and enters auto-play

Don’t use mobile skill characters, “use less strategical characters”


Auto-play is good, but it isn’t as efficient as playing yourself. For example, if you use train travel, there’s a high chance of moving to the 4th line. Sometimes, it moves to the next block. Obviously, you don’t gain salary and only use your marbles. Also, auto-play often purchases the cheapest card from the shop, so you can’t design strategies relying on buying Landmarks Everywhere either. It doesn’t recognize which style is efficient in each situation. That being said, to use auto-play efficiently, you have to choose characters that are less strategic.


▲ When auto-play enters train travel, it often goes to the 4th line and wastes marbles
▲ Auto-play usually purchases cheap cards at the shop

Checking skill characters either, “use characters for construction points!”


Recently, the game’s strategies have been diversified, so it is difficult to win by monopoly using mobile skill characters using auto-play. Therefore, you need to aim for a long game to win through construction points to have a decent win rate — you need to create a deck that is advantageous for getting a construction point win. Also, using characters that can use skills whenever the cooldown is reset is better than characters that have to use the skills at the right time in the right position.


Characters like Nicole, Henry, Shu, and Seulgi, who increase your marbles, Beatrice and Haruna, who draw double dice cards, and Lona, who draws the angel card, are best for auto-play. Characters with checking skills, like Estelle and Mirage, aren’t recommended since they often use their skills in unnecessary blocks.


▲ In auto-play, the bubbles are often set in line blocks, so it’s difficult to prevent the opponent from using the shop or train travel
▲ Ice blocks are often used to protect own hotel blocks

No strategic points, “Beatrice, Shu, Haruna, Lona”


The most recommended auto-play deck is Beatrice, Shu, Haruna, and Lona. Depending on the tier, Henry, Raquin, and Nicole are good too. Based on this, the win rate of auto-play in 50 games in the Expert 2 channel was about 64%, so you can win a decent amount of gold. Passive skills should be focused on reducing the opponent’s starting amount, increasing the opponent’s construction cost, and increasing the opponent’s buyout toll.


▲ Recommended deck for auto-play: Beatrice (5) + Shu (6) + Haruna (4) + Lona (3) = 18/25
▲ Beatrice sometimes doesn’t pick a double card, but it still does its role

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