[Meta World] Henry’s rich meta is up? Top 30 character pick statistics

Expert channel rankers’ choice, “Henry + Watson or Raquin”


When the Champion channel isn’t open, the top rankers play in the Expert 2 channel. They mostly form their decks with double cards and marble gaining characters. Beatrice and Haruna are popular for double characters, and Henry is popular for gaining marbles. Watson, who can move to the corner blocks (shop, train travel, starting spot), is also popular.


The rankers that don’t have Sophie use Raquin’s buy out for a monopoly win, or use Watson’s move to a corner block ability to gain a construction point win through buying the upgrade all to lndmarks from the shop. There are many rankers that select Beatrice, Haruna, Henry, and Watson or Raquin.


▲ All ‘strategies’ begin with double cards! Beatrice and Haruna are the best characters for that.

Champion channel rankers’ choice, “Shu or Henry + Watson or Raquin”


The character skill mix is important in Expert 2, but in the Champion channel, it is also important to fit the characters’ passive skills into the deck composition’s concept as well. For example, DaddyKim, who is rank no.1, uses Beatrice, Haruna, Shu, and Sophie — the passive skills are focused on reducing the opponent’s starting marbles and increasing the opponent’s construction costs. The strategy is to increase the opponent’s marble usage while inducing them to bankruptcy with Shu and taking over the lines comfortably.


The Beatrice, Watson, Raquin, Henry comp is also used often in the Champion channel. When you include Watson in your deck, the synergy is good when you have passive skills that increase the starting marbles and reduce the special costs. So Raquin’s buyout fee discount and opponent buyout fee increase is very important. It is a composition that oppresses the opponent with Watson’s toll increase while collecting marbles with Henry to induce a long game.


▲ Sophie’s role in the Champion channel isn’t as big as you think

Dominating pick rate, double card “Beatrice” 

Expert 2 83% / Champion 82%


In the current ‘double card’ centric meta, you cannot leave out Beatrice. Unless the passive skill is extremely severe, picking Beatrice is a must. It’s the best character that can move to the block you want with the double card and gain an extra turn. It may be alright to leave out Haruna, but including Beatrice in the deck is always better.


▲ The opponent can wreck your cards, but Beatrice can always retrieve double cards!

Rising rich meta’s key, “Henry”

Expert 2 40% / Champion 32%


Recently, Henry + Watson comps have emerged as a counter to Shu + Sophie comps by defending against Shu's marble steal, while aiming to get Landmarks Everywhere at the shop and pressuring opponents with double tolls. The Henry + Raquin combination is also popular, targeting building acquisitions and monopolies with passives that lower buyout costs.


▲ Henry has made the rich meta popular with his ability to gain the Salary’s 50% x number of buildings owned

Rich meta Henry’s partner, “Watson, Raquin, Nana”

Watson: Expert 2 33% / Champion 36%

Raquin: Expert 2 30% / Champion 29%

Nana: Expert 2 23% / Champion 18%


As Henry rose as Shu’s counter, Watson Raquin, and Nana, who can utilize the marbles well, rose as partners. Watson is used to buy Landmarks Everywhere, increase real estate value, and go for the train travel to get monopolies. Nana is also used since it can move to the shop, but it can be countered directly by Mirage’s bubble.


As Raquin can go for line monopoly with double cards and buying out opponent’s buildings, and since there’s less pressure buying out buildings in the longer games, it specializes in long games. As Mirage often appears to counter Henry + Watson, many people are selecting Raquin instead of Watson.


▲ The key to the rich meta utilziing the shop’s buyout, remote construction, and landmarks everywhere to the fullest!

Good with any comp, “Haruna, Sophie, Shu”

Haruna: Expert 2 37% / Champion 32%

Sophie: Expert 2 23% / Champion 25%

Shu: Expert 2 17% / Champion 29%


It can be said that Beatrice + Haruna is almost fixed in all decks since they’re used so often. As they were nerfed recently, so they need +1 charge, but they still have an extremely high pick rate. The Sophie + Shu combination specializes in making monopolies, but recently, it struggles to the rich meta. Passive skills like decrease opponent starting amount or increase opponent construction cost/buyout fee are needed to operate well against the rich meta.


Shu is now a bit less useful when you don’t have Sophie. In the early days, it was easy to make the opponent bankrupt with Shu’s marble steal, but now, passive skills that make the opponent use more marbles is necessary to pressure Henry’s rich meta.


▲ Beatrice and Haruna are now needed in all decks

▲ Shu’s pick rate dropped because it has a hard time against Henry even if marble steal gets the maximum amount all the time

Running through maps and potential? Variable maker, “Fate”

Expert 2 20% / Champion 14%


Fate, who has a higher pick rate than you would think, gets stronger in the higher channels where the maps are longer. The biggest advantage is that you can choose one of two fortune cards, which are picked at random. If you use the skill in the 2nd-4th line and select the fortune card block which you passed already, you can pass the starting point and gain salary.


If you keep buying out blocks from each other, you can draw Skyrocketing Real Estate from the fortune cards to make the opponent pay more, or get them to go bankrupt with marble steal. Obviously, you’ll need some luck to draw good cards, but Fate works out well as a great variable.


Fate is usually used with Beatrice, Sophie, and Shu, or in the rich meta deck instead of Haruna. It is also used in the counter deck of the rich meta along with Beatrice, Henry (Shu), and Mirage.


▲ Skyrocketing Real Estate from the fortune card has terrific effect when you’re having a buyout fight!

Henry rich meta counter, “Mirage, Estelle”

Mirage: Expert 2 27% / Champion 21%

Estelle: Expert 2 17% / Champion 14%


Against decks that utilize multiple special blocks, Mirage and Estelle’s value rises — it’s especially good to counter the rich meta that uses Henry, Watson, and Nana. Henry appeared to counter Shu, and to counter Henry’s rich meta, Mirage and Estelle are rising. Mirage’s bubbles can seal the shop completely, so you can shut down Watson and Nana’s skills completely.


▲ Mirage and Estelle’s skills are perfect against opponents that want to use the corner blocks!

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