[Meta World] Great to farm gold! Recommended character comp for Expert 2

The “Ranking No.1 composition” that is used even in the Champion channel

▲ Sophie (8) + Shu (6) + Beatrice (5) + Haruna (4) = 23/25


The ‘Sophie, Shu, Beatrice, Harnua’ deck is known as the no.1 ranker’s composition. It is very well-balanced, so it can gain a 70% win rate in the Champion channel. You can gain as many double dices as possible, pass the starting point as many times as possible with Beatrice and Haruna’s skills, and recover cooldowns fast. It’s alright if you only use Sophie’s skill just once, strategically. However, Shu, Beatrice, and Haruna should be upgraded so that you can use their skills more than twice to get the upper hand against the opponent.


You don’t have Sophie? → Nana (6), Watson (6), Katrina (4), Hernandez (4) 


▲ Season rank no.1 uses this comp. What more needs to be said?

Nana + Watson “Teleoprt comp”

▲ Sophie (8) + Nana (6) + Watson (6) + Beatrice (5) = 25/25


Not all of the characters can teleport, but it’s a deck that moves all around the map. This is a deck that shines starting from the Expert channel, where the All Landmark card appears in the shop. It’s great to aim for a construction point victory. Its weakness is that the longer the game gets, you lack marbles, so you can get in danger of bankruptcy. It’s also weak against characters that set up obstacles.


Recommended character to switch: Beatrice (5)

Recommended character to improve mobility: Haruna (4), Hernandez (4)

Recommended character for more marbles: Shu (6), Hernandez (4), Seulgi (3), Baedal Choi (2)


▲ Watson, who is useful when utilizing corner blocks, is the key to the teleport comp


Raquin + Washington + Leonardo “Construction comp”

▲ Sophie (8) + Raquin (7) + Washington (5) + Leonardo (3) = 23/25


The construction comp is a deck that aims for stable play by raising landmarks consistently to win by construction points. Raquin interferes with the opponent taking over buildings to prevent monopoly and pressuring the opponent with funds, and Washington is useful to protect the blocks in danger of getting taken over. They’re the perfect duo to protect your blocks. However, it could be difficult with the lack of doubles and marbles.


To make up for the weakness, you should change Sophie (8) or Leonardo (3) with characters that can gain double dices or marbles. To keep up with the concept, it’s better to take out Sophie. If you want more mobility, Beatrice (5) and Haruna are recommended. If you want more marbles, Shu (6), Hernandez (5), Seulgi (3), and Baedal Choi (2) are recommended.


Recommended character to switch: Sophie (8), Leonardo (3)

Recommended character to improve mobility: Beatrice (5), Haruna (4), Hernandez (4)

Recommended character for more marbles: Shu (6), Hernandez (4), Seulgi (3), Baedal Choi (2)


▲ Washington is very useful when used properly, but you can change it to a character of your preference

Nana + Watson + Hernandez + Haruna “Mobility Comp”

▲ Nana (6) + Watson (6) + Hernandez (4) + Haruna (4) = 20/25


The mobility comp specializes in moving to the corner block. While you take over blocks, you can gain salary with Hernandez and aim for upgrade all buildings to landmarks or remote construction with Nana and Watson. Since you need a lot of marbles to upgrade all buildings to landmarks, it’s alright to swap Haruna with Shu (6), Seulgi (3), or Baedal Choi (2). When you operate this deck, you have to consistently raise landmarks rather than aim for a big break. When you use the corner blocks frequently, you use a lot of marbles, so Katrina (4) isn’t recommended as a substitute character. Fate’s (6) fortune card skill opens up chances with its unexpectedness, so you can use it instead of Nana (6).


Recommended character to switch: Nana (6), Haruna (4)

Recommended character to improve mobility: Beatrice (5)

Recommended character for more marbles: Shu (6), Henry (5), Hernandez (4), Baedal Choi (2)

Recommended hidden character: Fate (6)


▲ It’s a great card to aim for All Landmark victory by moving to the shop with Nana or Watson


Raquin + Washington + Henry + Hernandez “Construction point comp”

▲ Raquin (7) + Washington (5) + Henry (5) + Hernandez (4) = 21/25


This is a comp that collects construction points consistently by interfering with the opponent’s line/triple/color monopoly. The funds are important after mid game, so it’s also good to use Shu (6) instead of Henry (5) to drain the opponent’s funds. Since the deck lacks mobility and checking, it’s often weak against decks that use double dices often, so you could use other characters instead of Henry to make up for the weakness.


Recommended character to switch: Henry (5)

Recommended character to improve mobility: Beatrice (5), Haruna

Recommended character for more marbles: Shu (6), Hernandez (4), Baedal Choi (2)

Recommended checking character: Mirage (5), Estelle (3)


▲ If you don’t have Sophie, make sure to include Hernandez for more salary and upgrading to landmarks!


Shu + Mirage + Cypher + Estelle “Checking comp”

▲ Shu (6) + Mirage (5) + Cypher (5) + Estelle (3) = 19/25


This is kind of a for-fun comp. Rather than playing to win, it wrecks the opponent’s win plans and breaks their mentality. Unexpectedly, it has a decent win rate. You can pressure the opponent with funds with Shu, interfere with them using special blocks with Mirage and Estelle, and lower their construction points with Cypher’s blackout to slowly drain them out.


This kind of checking play can’t stop the opponent’s dice from rolling good numbers, so you can exchange Cypher with a character with more mobility. You can also use Mirage’s bubbles on corner blocks and use them yourself with Nana (6), Watson (6), or Katrina (4).


▲ One fun way to enjoy the game is to make the opponent angry, hee hee…

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