[Meta World] Used a skill but can’t roll dice? Must-know character skill tips

Don’t waste your character skill


Character skills play a very important role in the outcome of a game. So you need to know the characteristics of each skill exactly to make a great move at a crucial moment. Also, if you use the skill right away when you recover the cooldown, you might not be able to use it when you really need it, so you have to read the game’s flow well.


1. Sophie: Cannot move to her own position

2. Katrina: Can’t roll dice after using skill

3. Hernandez: 1 more lap if used from the starting block

4. Shu: The opponent gets bankrupt if the stealing amount is more than they have

5. Mirage: Bubbles only affect the opponent


▲ Although the legendary character Sophie looks perfect, she has weaknesses (...)


“Sophie” can’t move to her own position


Sophie is the best character that can interfere with the opponent’s monopoly, fulfill conditions for your own line/triple monopoly victory, and move to any corner block. However, she cannot move to her own position. For example, when you’re standing on the shop block, you can’t select the shop with Sophie’s skill to use the shop again. Also, Sophie flies to the block without passing other blocks, so you can’t gain salary by passing the starting block.


▲ The limit of traveling on a VIP private plane? You cannot move to your own position


"Katrina" can’t roll dice after the train travel!


Usually, you can roll dice after the skills are used, but Katrina is an exception. After the train travel, the turn is over, so you can’t roll the dice. This is because the train travel itself is the same as rolling the dice. A similar example is arriving at the train travel block by rolling a double — you can’t roll the dice again after the train trip. However, if you don’t train travel, you can roll the dice. When you move to the train travel block, use jump/normal dice.


▲ After the train travel, the turn is over, so you can’t roll the dice
▲ Katrina’s ability shines when aiming for line/triple monopoly in Expert 2 channel and below!


"Hernandez" can gain salary and create a landmark again when used from the starting block!


What happens if you use Hernandez’s skill from the starting block? You go around one more lap to gain salary again and create another landmark. Since you gain salary for two straight turns, the large amount of marbles puts your mind at ease.


▲ If you use Hernandez’s skill after arriving on the starting block, you can gain salary again and create another landmark
▲ Hernandez is one of the most cost-efficient characters, so he’s used often in the Champion channel as well


“Shu” makes the opponent bankrupt if you steal more than they have!


When you use Shu’s skill, you steal the opponent’s marbles in the amount of the roulette. If the opponent doesn’t have as much marbles, they have to either make a loan or go bankrupt. If this happens for the first time, they can make a loan to get out of the crisis, but if they go bankrupt a second time, they can’t loan anymore, so they get bankrupt right away. Getting a bankruptcy victory by using Shu’s skill is more common than you think.


▲ I think the top 2 characters of the epic grade are Beatrice and Shu
▲ If you can steal the opponent’s marbles more than three times, it’s almost as good as having Sophie


"Mirage" bubbles only affect the opponent


Estelle’s ice block and Mirage’s bubbles set an obstacle on a block. Although the ice block affects both the player and opponent, the bubbles only affect the opponent. If you set a bubble on the shop, train travel, or starting block, you can prevent the opponent from using them. Mirage’s skill has a short cooldown, and since you can use it often, even if the opponent arrives on the block and gets rid of the bubble, you can use it again.


▲ If you arrive on the block where you set up a bubble, you’re immune
▲ But the opponent gets trapped and can’t gain the block’s effect or benefits
▲ A well-upgraded Mirage can show bubble hell to the opponent

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