[Meta World] It’s only rare but good! Utilizing the most cost-efficient “Estelle” 200%

A character that can be gained easily, so easy to use, Estelle


Estelle, who is a rare character, has a great skill that can interfere with the opponent. Her skill ‘freezes’ a certain block to interfere with the opponent’s color/triple/line monopoly. If the opponent arrives at a block where there’s an ice block, it makes them move to the next block, so it’s very useful. It’s usually effective when you want to make an opponent waste their turn. You still have to watch out since the Ice Floor also affects you.


- Ice Floor affects both the player and the opponent

- As a rare grade, it’s easier to gain and collect pieces for upgrades

- Low cost (3) makes it easier to create deck, useful in lower channels

- Once upgraded to ★6, the skill recharges very quickly (2) so it can be used frequently

- The usage of the skill is intuitive, and there are no random factors

▲ Cost-efficient Estelle - skill usage no.1, cooldown 2nd

Basic strategy of the Ice Block, “Line interference, getting out of crises”


The basic management of the skill is simple. Lay the Ice Block where the opponent can get color/triple/line monopoly. You can also lay the block where the opponent can possibly upgrade to a landmark, or even on shops, train travels, and the starting block. However, you can’t interfere with the opponent constructing/purchasing a block from afar using the fortune card or character skill.


Another way of using the Ice Block is setting it on a block where it’s dangerous for you to land. For example, if the only place you can go to is an opponent landmark and there’s an empty block/fortune card block/your block on the next, you can lay the Ice Block on the opponent’s landmark and slip past it.


▲ Laying down an Ice Block to prevent the opponent’s color monopoly


Nana, Katrina, Hernandez, Watson, “Counter to move skill characters”


If you set up an Ice Block on the corner blocks (shops, train travel, starting block), you can counter Nana’s move to shop, Katrina’s move to train travel, and Hernandez’s move to starting block. You can simply lay down the Ice Block before they use their skills.


- Nana (Shop): Upgrade all to landmarks, remote construction, interfere with building stealing

- Katrina (Train Travel): Interfere with opponent’s line/triple monopoly

- Hernandez (Starting Block): Interfere with remote landmark construction

- Watson (Corner Block): Interfere with one of the corner blocks


▲ Interfering with the Ice Block on the starting block to prevent Hernandez’s skill and remote landmark construction!

3 consecutive doubles to be sent to the uninhabited island? “Prevent with Ice Block”


If you roll three consecutive double dices, you are sent to the uninhabited island. However, if you lay the Ice Block there, you slip one block to the next, and you’ll be saved. When you have to play three consecutive doubles, it’s best to pass the starting point to gain salary before being sent to the uninhabited island. If you’re sent to the uninhabited island just before passing the starting point, you don’t gain salary.


▲ Turning the 3-consecutive double penalty to a benefit to aim for color monopoly!


Great interfering composition 1. “Cypher’s Blackout”


The Ice Block’s value stands out when you install it on a block the opponent must land on. Especially, a landmark in blackout doesn’t grant construction points, so the owner has to land on the block to repair it. However, if you install an Ice Block as well, they have to use up two turns to recover it. Since you can use Ice Block several times and the cooldown recovers quickly, it’s great to use with Cypher.


▲ If you blackout and install an Ice Block on the opponent’s landmark, you can make it very difficult for them to reach a construction point victory
▲ Cypher’s blackout skill goes perfectly with Estelle’s Ice Block!


Great interfering composition 2. “Mirage’s Bubbles”


When there’s another Ice Block on the next block, you slip another block. For example, starting block - opponent’s block - your block on the board, you can lay down Ice Blocks on the starting point and the opponent’s block to make them land on your block. Also, you can make it even harder for the opponent to avoid it by using Bubbles with Mirage on the block after the Ice Blocks. You still have to remember that you can also slip on the Ice blocks yourself.


▲ If you use Mirage’s Bubbles on the block after the Ice Blocks, it’s more effective.

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