[Meta World] Weekly MBX, ITU price changes report "May Week 1"

MBX, ITU price changes "MBX down, ITU up"


The MBX price dropped by about -12% in KRW and -10% in USD. The ITU price actually increased as the ITU/MBX exchange rate increased. ITU:Meta Cash is exchanged at a fixed rate of 1:10, so it is not significantly affected by the MBX price.


However, it's too early to rest easy. On May 8, as the ITU/MBX exchange rate dropped, the ITU price dropped with it. The ITU/MBX price changes are based on the MBXL-ITU liquidity pool. A higher volume of MBXL to ITU exchanges in MBX Wallet drives the exchange rate up, and conversely, a higher volume of ITU to MBXL exchanges drives the exchange rate down. A decrease in the exchange rate means that more ITUs are flowing out of the game than are flowing into the game from the outside.


▲ MBX, ITU values, ITU/MBX exchange rate (May 8)
▲ Although the MBX value dropped, the ITU value rose


Real Estate Rewards "Increased 57% since May 4"


An emergency maintenance on the night of April 24 removed the ability to make offers for 1:1 real estate transactions and delayed the opening of the Marketplace. The cause of this was malicious accounts that were disrupting the game's ecosystem by earning crystals through improper means. These accounts were banned on the night of May 4.


With the removal of malicious accounts that shared the daily real estate rewards, the remaining investors were able to take shares in the entire pool. As a result, on May 5, the day after the ban, there was a 57% increase in crystal rewards based on real estate investment scores. Even with the same value of real estate held, users were rewarded more than 1.5 times as much as before. The overall reserve was still accumulating without issue after the ban, indicating that malicious accounts were contributing little or nothing to real estate rewards.


▲ Daily real estate rewards for the 1st week of May
▲ Rewards rose by 50% after the ban on May 4

Real estate rewards cash value "long-term investment, green light"


The combination of the malicious account sanctions and the ITU price defense led to a 58% increase in the cash value of daily real estate rewards per 100,000 investment points. Prior to the sanctions, daily real estate rewards were unprofitable, but now that they've risen to around 400 KRW per 100,000 investment points, you can consider holding on to your real estate for the long haul from a long-term investment perspective.


▲ Index of Meta Cash value of real estate reward for the 1st week of May
▲ As the daily real estate rewards rose to 400 KRW per 100,000 points, it is now worth considering a long-term investment


Crystal cash price "independent of MBX, ITU price fluctuations"


There’s a fixed amount of crystals per $1, whether you purchase them with MBX or with the diamonds from in-app purchases. It is 100 Crystals per $1 when purchased with MBX and up to 87.26 Crystals per $1 when purchased with in-app purchases. Therefore, the cash price of purchasing Crystals does not change significantly from the fluctuations in the market price of MBX and ITU.


The cash purchase price of crystals is heavily influenced by the dollar exchange rate. During the first week of May, the dollar exchange rate didn't change much, so the cash purchase price of crystals remained at a similar level. However, on May 6, the difference between the dollar exchange rate and the KRW/USD ratio of the MBX market rate temporarily resulted in a lower purchase price.


▲ Crystal price index on 1st week of May
▲ Crystal purchase prices that get affected by USD exchange rates don’t change much, unlike the MBX, ITU values

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