[Meta World] Introducing the deck of trophy rank no.1, "Champion channel winrate 75%”

The deck composition of rank no.1, who had a 30-game winning streak in the Champion channel


The deck of the trophy rank no.1 composition in Sophie, Beatrice, Shu, and Haruna often appears in the Champion channel. The key point of this deck is to gain as many double dice as possible to pass the starting point and use the character skills as early as possible. Since the composition is very well-balanced, it has an extremely high win rate. As the key is to use the skills early and frequently, you need to upgrade your characters to gain more skill uses.


Win equation with the Sophie, Beatrice, Shu, Haruna comp


1. Gain double dice with Beatrice and Haruna

2. Steal marbles with Shu’s ability to gain marbles and worsen the opponent’s budget

3. Move to the necessary location to achieve the win condition or interfere with the opponent’s line/triple monopoly

▲ There's a 0.1% chance to draw Sophie from crystal summons.
Since an event is going on, you have a higher chance of drawing Beatrice.


Early game strategy, “Pass the starting point quickly with double dice!”


Card usage priority after beginning


1. Double dice

2. High number even dice that could gain doubles (8, 10)

3. High dice that include an even number (9-11, 10-12)

4. High dice numbers


When the game begins, you have to aim to get around the board as fast as you can, so you should use double dice or a high number even dice to move far. This is because whenever you use dice or pass the starting point, the skill cooldowns reduce by 1. The key to the early game strategy is recovering the cooldowns of the characters’ skills. If you’ve finished a lap while building hotels, you’ll be able to use the skill of a well-upgraded character.


▲ The most important part is to finish a full lap in the early game!

Mid game strategy, “Double x2 with Beatrice, Haruna’s skills”


When you can use Beatrice and Haruna’s skills after finishing a lap, gain as many double dices as possible and keep using them. If you get three doubles on one turn, you are sent to the uninhabited island, so use odd dice on the third turn. While you do so, build hotels on many different blocks and keep going around to gain salary and recover the cooldowns.


Shu’s skill steals the opponent’s marbles to worsen their budget, so it’s a great skill to use whenever the cooldown comes around to induce the opponent to go bankrupt. On the other hand, Sophie’s skill is a key skill to use to finish the game, so you should save it for an important moment.


▲ If you gain color monopoly with Beatrice and Haruna’s double dices, you can aim for line monopoly with Sophie.
▲ Shu’s marble steal is one of the best skills to interfere with the opponent. It makes it easy for you to induce a bankrupt victory.

Late game strategy, “Line monopoly, triple monopoly, upgrade all to landmarks”


If the game still goes on even after you used Beatrice and Haruna’s skills more than twice, you have to go for the late game. You would have occupied about 7-10 blocks, and now is the time to use Sophie. Aim for a triple or line monopoly, or if you have enough money, try to gain a construction point victory with the “upgrade all to landmarks” from the shop.  When the opponent has the upper hand, you must first stop the opponent’s line/triple monopoly with Sophie’s skill.


▲ If you have enough money with Shu’s marble steal, and there’s an upgrade all to landmarks in the shop, aim for a construction point victory!
▲ Save Sophie for last, and use her skill when you have a chance for a line/triple monopoly!

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