[Meta World] Investment to gain from market arbitrage, a guide to “real estate draw”

20-50% cheaper than market value, market arbitrage possible


If you own real estate in Meta World, you can gain Meta Cash or Crystals as a reward (staking) every day. Meta Cash is a resource that can be monetized by exchanging into ITU, and Crystals are used in all real estate content. Real estate can be purchased by placing offers ranging from -50% to +50% above market value on land and buildings owned by other users, or by winning an auction. Currently, the most efficient way to buy real estate is through the “draw".


You can participate in a draw by paying a set amount of crystals (the selling price). This is the same system as private housing draws in Korea. If you don't win the draw, the crystals are returned, so you don't lose money. Usually, draw properties can be purchased cheaper than the market price by about 50% for land and about 20% for buildings (including land), so if you win, you can take advantage of the market price difference.


▲ The real estate value for the draw was 5,000 crystals. It jumped more than triple over two days.


Types of draw offers, "Land grade 2, level 5" is a good offer


The amount of the offer depends on the following conditions: land grade (border color), prestige level (number from 1 to 6), size (1x1, 2x3, etc.), and building grade. 1x1 and 1x2 sized properties are for land, so if you win, you'll have to build the building yourself with crystals. 2x2 and larger will come with a building, but the size of the building will also depend on the size of the land, and you'll need more crystals to upgrade the building.


▲ You can gain more through market price difference on grade 2, level 5 lands


One thing to look for is the "grade and level of the land" - the higher the grade and level of the land, the more valuable it is because there is currently no way to raise the grade and level of the land. Most of the active Manhattan draw listings are grades 1-2, levels 3-5. Grade 2 level 5 listings are the most valuable, requiring a higher commitment and more competition.


▲ Icons change based on the land’s grade and prestige level
▲ Currently, grade 3 lands are not opened yet

How to enter the draw, “decide based on the surrounding real estate value”

▲ If you click on the purple draw icon on the right side of the main screen, you can move to the draw menu
▲ Click [Move] to check the listing and [Participate] to enter the draw
▲ Check out the market value of nearby properties! You can draw one of the properties designated randomly
▲ If you cancel the draw before it’s over, there is a 10% cancellation fee
▲ If you use the Golden Invite on high-grade land listings, you can double your chance of winning

“Golden Invite”, double your chances to win on grade 2 lands!


If you use your Golden Invites, which you can gain up to 10, on draws, you can double your chances of winning. If you use a Golden Invite on listings that have a competitive rate of 2:1 or under (50% win chance), your win rate will become 100%. Obviously, there aren’t that many listings that are under 2:1. Listings that have a competitive rate of 2:1 or under means that their value is lower than the others, so you should use the Golden Ticket on the listings that have a higher competitive rate.


▲ Increase your chances by using it on a listing of grade 2 land
▲ If five friends enter your invite code, you can receive 9 Golden Invites. If you enter a friend’s invite code and win 5 board games, you get one more!

Draw precaution, “The location of the real estate is random within the area”


The area, size, and building conditions are fixed for real estate draws, but which property you will receive is decided at random. If the area, size, and building condition are the same, the real estate value is also the same. However, subjective valuations such as having a river view or being close to the main street can change the market value. This is because people tend to prefer a better view in the game as well as in reality.


▲ No one knows which area you will draw! It’s all random, like in reality apartment draws!


“Earn from Champion Channel, exchange with ITU” to gain crystals to enter the draw


The crystals, which you need to enter the draws, are a resource that is used to summon the legendary character Sophie, and on overall real estate content. You can gain them by winning board games in the Champion Channel. If you just want to enjoy the real estate content, you can purchase diamonds through in-app purchases to trade into crystals. You can trade 1 diamond into 10 crystals.


A cheap way to purchase crystals is by purchasing MBX from a cryptocurrency exchange, sending it to the Marblex wallet, trading MBXL → ITU, and then finally trading the ITU into Meta Cash to crystals. Although the process is complicated, it’s cheaper than when you purchase diamonds through in-app purchases.


"MBX → MBXL → ITU → Meta Cash → Crystal" exchange guide



▲ It is the cheapest to buy MBX on a cryptocurrency exchange and exchange it for crystals
▲ The Champion Channel opens for three hours at 4, 12, and 23 o’clock (UTC). You can enter by purchasing a ticket from the shop.
▲ It's more expensive to purchase diamonds through in-app purchases, but the process is simpler.


Real estate that you won, “Increase the value to gain from market value difference”


If you own real estate, you can gain crystals or Meta Cash every day as a reward, depending on your investor grade, but it takes a long time to re-earn your initial investment. The best option is to decide whether to sell it right away or sell it after increasing the value.


1. Selling it right away in the Real Estate Trading Center to gain from market value difference

2. Build a building and upgrade to gain everyday real estate rewards

3. Upgrade the building to increase its value and increase the profit margin

4. Sell for Meta Cash in the Real Estate Trading Center after raising the building value above 100K crystals

5. Sell at marketplace as NFTs after upgrading the building above ★6


Currently, the best way to manage your real estate is to build a building on the land you won, upgrade it to make its value above 100K crystals, and sell it in the Real Estate Trading Center. If the value goes over 100K crystals, you can also sell it for Meta Cash. Depending on the location of the real estate or its surrounding value, you can sell it for higher than the current value to gain from the market price difference.


▲ If you upgrade a building higher than ★6, you can sell it in the marketplace

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