[Meta World] One-stop guide: Don’t miss the variety of ‘7 events’!

Event 1. Special missions for new users


When: 15 days after creating account


1. 8-day check-in rewards: Fate’s Memory x10, Leonardo’s Memory x10

2. Board game win reward: Normal Character Summon Ticket x30

3. Channel open reward: Gold x110,000

4. Character card level-up: Epic Character Summon Ticket x5

5. Finish all steps: Diamonds x300


Over 15 days after creating an account, there’s the first event that rewards the new users. They’re missions that can be easily cleared if you simply play board games. 32 hours after the first event is over, event 2 will be activated.


▲ Click on the 4th banner menu, special missions, on the left side of the main screen!
▲ After event 1 is over, it continues to event 2 and you can get more rewards!

Event 2. Launch Celebration Check-in Event


When: Until 23:59, May 23 (UTC)

Reward: Epic Character Summon Ticket x13

▲ If you click the triple bar [三] on the right top corner and click the event menu
▲ you can receive the Epic Character Summon Tickets on the launch celebration check-in event page!

Event 3. Check-in Event


When: Over 7 days after first login

Reward: Diamonds x20, Gold x3,000, Avatar Appearance Changer, Character Points, Epic Character Summon Ticket

▲ Receive the reward from the check-in event in the game’s event menu!

Event 4. Fortune Wheel Event


When: Until 23:59, May 23 (UTC)


1st Reward: Gold, Champion Channel Ticket, Board Game Entry Ticket

2nd Reward: Diamonds, Champion Channel Ticket, Board Game Entry Ticket

3rd Reward: Gold, Diamonds, Normal Character Summon Ticket, Epic Character Summon Ticket, Champion Channel Ticket, Board Game Entry Ticket


If you win in a board game, you get a chance to gain the ‘Fortune Wheel Ticket’ and spin the roulette. You can spin the roulette up to 50 times a week. The rewards for the roulette change every week — after the third reward, it goes back to the first, and it repeats.


▲ Don’t miss out on the chance to collect more Champion Channel Tickets and Board Game Entry Tickets!

Event 5. 1st Season Ranked Event


When: Until 23:59, May 31 (UTC)


1. 100,000 Accumulated Gold: Trainer Set

2. Rank 1 Reward: Meta Cash x30,000

3. Rank 2-10 Reward: Meta Cash x15,000

4. Rank 11-3,000 Reward: Diamonds x1,000

5. Top 10% Reward: Epic Character Summon Ticket x20

6. Top 50% Reward: Epic Character Summon Ticket x5

7. Top 100% Reward: Epic Character Summon Ticket x3


Your rank is decided based on the gold and crystals you gained from playing board games. Even if you lose the game, the amount you gain doesn’t decrease, so it’s important to play as many games as you can. The higher the channel, the more gold you can gain, and the crystals you gain from the champion channel are also calculated as gold points.


▲ You can receive a training set if you exceed 100,000 accumulated gold from board games!
▲ If you finish the season as one of the top rankers, you will receive a very expensive building (including the land) as a reward!


Event 6. Real Estate Draw, Auction Event


You can apply for the real estate draw with crystals. If you don’t get drawn, you receive all the crystals you used when you applied. However, if you cancel on your own after applying, there’s a 10% cancel fee, so you should beware. If you get drawn, your Investor Grade rises as much as the crystals you invested, and you can manage your land and building in your real estate menu. You can gain crystals and meta cash every day through real estate, so aim for the fortune of getting drawn!


New York Manhattan ‘Draw’ Schedule (KST)


Apr. 22 - 03:30-12:20, 13:30-22:10

Apr. 23 - 03:30-12:20, 13:30-22:20

Apr. 24 - 03:30-12:30, 13:30-22:30


New York Manhattan ‘Auction’ Schedule (KST)


Apr. 23 - 10:00-14:00

Apr. 24 - 20:00-24:00

Apr. 25 - 10:00-14:00

Apr. 23 - 20:00-24:00


▲ The building-shaped icon’s number on the right side of the main page stands for the remaining draws available!
▲ If you draw a 1x1 or 1x2, you only receive land, so you need to build new buildings!

Event 7: Friend Invitation Event


When: 23:59, May 17 (UTC)

Reward: Golden Invite


If a friend you invited gets 5 wins in a board game or purchases the draw support package, which can be purchased in-app for 4,400 KRW, you fulfill the conditions of this event. If you have 1, 3, 5 friends that fulfill the conditions, you can gain 1, 3, and 5 Golden Invites. The Golden Invites apply for draws one more time — it has the effect of applying twice. It’s a one-time-use item, and if you don’t get drawn, it disappears.


▲ Move to the draw area in the draw menu, check the invite code from the banner!
▲ If you use it in a draw that’s 2:1 or lower, you can make it 100%!

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