[Meta World] New strategy starting from EXPERT, ‘intermediate tricks’ for the board game

Should I put up expensive buildings?


In lower-tier channels, you won't run out of Marbles (in-game funds), but as you move to higher-tier channels, the risk of going broke increases due to frequent block acquisitions and shop/train trips. Wasting Marbles early on will prevent you from building later on, so you'll want to focus on building hotels on expensive lines (3-4) or key locations where you can get your opponent to bleed. You should build cheap villas elsewhere to operate your funds efficiently.


Preemptive play is all about how well you roll double dice, but the game is also about taking advantage of late-game shops, train travel, and teleportation, so a good Marble management plan is crucial.


▲ Line 1 is half the cost of Line 4 but 1/3 the toll, so there's no need to build expensive buildings

If you're aiming for a double, go for dice cards with a higher probability!


While you need lots of Marbles to secure many blocks, the frequency of rolling doubles that give you a chance to hit multiple blocks is also important. In particular, you can expect doubles from even-numbered dice cards, which have a chance of rolling a double, and range dice cards, which allow you to move to within an area of a certain number of eyes.


However, the probability of rolling a double with two dice varies, so you may want to use the higher probability card if it's important to get a double, or the lower probability card if you've already gotten two doubles and need to avoid going to the uninhabited island, but don't have an odd die card.


※ The probability table below is based on the assumption that the dice are rolled evenly within the number of dice cards. The actual algorithm may work differently.


▲ Possible ways of rolling a double with even-numbered dice cards and range dice cards

Color monopolies, interfere and reverse!


Color monopolies give you extra construction points, spike your tolls, and are crucial to achieving line monopolies and 3-color monopolies (special victories). The most effective strategy is to create a landmark where an opponent is trying to get color monopoly, but you will get punished severely if you get a board taken away from you after putting up buildings too early.


Using ice to prevent your opponent from standing on an empty block or, conversely, taking over an opponent's block can also prevent color monopolies. However, counters such as remote construction or scattering buildings across multiple blocks and aiming for a late color monopoly opportunity can be a counter, so it's important to watch your opponent's character composition and game flow to disrupt their attempts and increase chances for your own color monopoly.


▲ Raquin’s skill is effective when interfering with opponents’ color monopoly


Spending too much on Shops and Train Travel is a surefire way to go bankrupt!


The best way to use Shops and Train Travel is to use them when you know you're going to get a line monopoly or a 3-color monopoly. You can aim to win through construction points by using the remote construction / block takeover fortune card from the shop, or use train travel to complete a line monopoly / 3-color monopoly.


Using characters that can travel to specific blocks, like Sophie, Nana, Watson, and Katrina, adds to your strategy by allowing you to use shops and train travel at the right times. Of course, you'll be spending a lot of Marbles, so it's a good idea to use characters that can replenish them, like Shu and Seulgi, to prevent bankruptcy.


▲ Using double dice and Katrina’s train travel combo to win through line monopoly

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