[Meta World] How to earn and where to use the "5 currencies" in the game

Interium (ITU)


ITU can be exchanged for MBX purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges via MBXL in the Marblex wallet. It is a union token used in the Marblex ecosystem for Meta World and A3: Still Alive, which can be exchanged for meta cash on the in-game meta exchange.


Gain : Trading MBX → MBXL → ITU in Marblex wallet

Use : ITU → Meta Cash (Trading ITU → MBXL in Marblex wallet)

Meta Cash


Meta Cash is earned as a daily reward for real estate with an investor grade of A- or higher, and as a reward for ranking in the board game season. It serves as an intermediate resource that can be exchanged for [ITU ↔ Meta Cash → Crystals] on the in-game meta exchange. It is also a monetizable resource because it can be exchanged for ITU. It can be used in real estate as well to trade land/buildings with a value of more than 100,000 crystals.


Gain : Real estate reward (investor grade of A- or higher), trading ITU → Meta Cash, board game season ranking reward

Use : Real estate dealing, trading into ITU or Crystals



Crystals are a resource used throughout the Real Estate content to purchase, build, upgrade, repair, and trade land and buildings. They can be earned by winning in the board game Champion channel or exchanging Meta Cash for Crystals.


Gain : Real Estate reward (investor grade of B+ or lower), winning in the Board Game Champion channel, trading Meta Cash → Crystal

Use : All Real Estate content (purchase, draw, build, upgrade, repair, etc.), purchasing Champion channel ticket, summoning/upgrading legendary characters, purchasing gold


Diamonds are used mostly to trade Meta Cash into ITU as an exchange fee, NFT minting fee, purchase tickets, and summon epic characters. It is used throughout most content, from purchasing gold to decorating avatars.


Gain : In-app purchase, achievement reward, board game season ranking reward

Use : Diamond → Crystal / Meta Cash → ITU exchange fee, character/building NFT minting fee, champion channel/construction time reduction ticket, summoning epic characters, purchasing gold, decorating



Gold is the basic resource you get from participating in and winning board games. You can also get it from Meta Island real estate rewards. Gold is required to participate in the board game, so you should always have some on hand.


Gain : Win in board games, achievement reward, Meta Island real estate reward

Use : Participating in board games, leveling up character, summoning character, upgrading Meta Island real estate

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