[Meta World] Utilizing “Sophie”, who monopolizes lines and triples to destroy the game

Legendary character, “Sophie” and its skills


Sophie can be gained only through summoning legendary characters, and the probability of getting it is very low at 0.1%. As it is an 8-cost legendary character, there’s a 1,000 limit. Currently, one Sophie is worth approximately 500,000 Crystals, 430,000 ITU, 2,700 MBX (1 MBX = 2,500), and 6,600,000 KRW. To trade your character as an NFT, you'll need to promote them to 6-stars, but Sophie is immediately available for trade through the marketplace that will open in the next week without any restrictions.


Sophie's board game skill is "Teleport to any block". Since it is a legendary-grade character, this is a very versatile skill across all characters. Also, while other characters require shards from summoning the same character to upgrade, you can upgrade Sophie with crystals. Once she's promoted to 6-stars, she'll be able to teleport up to 4 times.


▲ I got really lucky and gained Sophie in my first 10 consecutive summon

▲ If you invest a lot of gold and crystals, Sophie gets upgraded to 6 stars, and she can use teleport up to 4 times

Sophie’s must-win strategy, line monopoly


Sophie has a cost of 8, so she can be used from the Pro 1 channel onwards. This is when line monopoly is added to the win condition, which means you can use Sophie to get a very high win rate and make it all the way to Expert 1 without much trouble.


Over the course of the game, you'll most likely end up with three blocks on a line. If the one remaining block is occupied by an opponent with an empty or unbuilt landmark, you can win by using Sophie's teleportation ability to take that block and monopolize the line.


▲ Sophie can be used from Pro 1 channel onwards
▲ Winning through line monopoly by using Sophie’s teleport to buy out an opponent’s block

Defensive strategy, interfering with the opponent’s line monopoly


While line monopoly is a great strategy to knock out your opponents, there are situations where you may need to play the long game. Often, when you're having a bad attack or card hand, or when the opponent utilizes doubles well, they can try to pressure you with a line or triple monopoly. In these situations, you can use Sophie's teleportation ability to take over your opponent's block or build a landmark on your own block to break the monopoly.


▲ Preventing the opponent’s line monopoly with Sophie’s skill


Characters that go well with Sophie:

“Katrina” or “Watson”


It is easy to gain a win when you use Katrina or Watson with Sophie. Katrina's Train Travel Block skill allows her to teleport to any block by paying Marbles (board game money). This, coupled with Sophie's teleportation, allows her to keep moving to any block she wants. If you find yourself in a situation where you have two blocks in a line, Sophie and Katrina's skills can help you easily win through line monopoly.


Here's how it works in games. When you have 2 consecutive blocks, make 3 straight blocks with Katrina's train travel. On your next turn, you can use Sophie's teleportation to connect 1 more block. When there are 5 blocks in a line, you can use this strategy when you have 3 connected.


You can also use Watson instead of Katrina, as it can "Teleport to one of the corner blocks" to move to the Train Travel block.


▲ Winning through line monopoly with Katrina and Sophie


Other characters that go well with Sophie:

“Seulgi” or “Shu”


A line monopoly strategy with Sophie often involves moving into your opponent's block and "taking over" it. It requires a lot of Marbles, so Seulgi’s skill is like honeydew in a drought: you can earn between 1x and 6x your salary, so it's easy to make up for the lack of Marbles.


If you can afford it, you can also use Shu. This is because you can make up for your lack of Marbles with the skill of robbing your opponent's Marbles for the amount of money that comes out of the roulette wheel.


To summarize, use Sophie, Katrina (Watson), and Seulgi (Shu), and let the rest of your characters be chosen based on your preference. If you find yourself with two or three blocks in a line, you can use Seulgi (Shu) to collect Marvels, and then use Katrina and Sophie's skills back-to-back to win through line monopoly.


▲ Seulgi’s skill is helpful when you buy out your opponent’s blocks

▲ Getting two blocks and ending the game with Katrina-Seulgi-Sophie skill combo

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