[AVATARA] "TARA ↔ TARA Token ↔ NOX ↔ KLAY" - AVATARA deposit and withdrawal guide

The monetization process by mining TARA


From Lv. 45 and above, the areas are divided into normal and PvP areas. Although it looks about 90% the same - the area name, map structure, monsters, etc., in PvP areas, you can mine TARA. Basically, you can mine 1,000 TARA per day. The mined TARA can be traded into TARA tokens in the game, and you can exchange them with NOX tokens in NOX Wallet. NOX tokens can be traded with KLAY coins, and they can be traded into money in virtual asset exchanges.


1. Mine TARA after Lv.45 in PvP areas 

2. Trade TARA into TARA tokens in the TARA exchange menu

3. Trade them into NOX tokens in NOX Wallet from the AVATARA homepage

4. Trade the NOX tokens in NOX Wallet into KLAY coins

5. Sell KLAY coins in virtual asset exchanges to monetize


The “deposit process” from virtual asset exchanges into AVATARA


KLAY Coin → NOX Token → TARA Token → TARA

Virtual asset exchange  → NOX Wallet → AVATARA


There are two types of tokens you can use in AVATARA: NOX and TARA. NOX tokens are used to purchase avatar (FCT) minting tickets, and TARA tokens are a bridge when exchanging into the in-game currency, TARA.


First, purchase KLAY in virtual asset exchanges, then send them to your NOX Wallet. You should choose Kakao Klip (Personal wallet) for the exchange. Even if you don’t have Kakao Klip, you can send them to your NOX Wallet directly. If you want to send a big amount, send a small amount first to check and be safe. When your KLAY arrives in your NOX Wallet, you can exchange them for NOX tokens. NOX tokens can be traded into TARA tokens.


TARA tokens can be exchanged with TARA through the [TARA exchange] menu in the game. Since the trade ratio is 1:1, TARA tokens and TARA have the same value. The TARA you gained through this process can be used in the game shops/trade markets, or you can trade them back into TARA tokens again. When you exchange TARA into TARA tokens, there’s a 5% fee.


▲ Click the NOX Wallet address on the top right side of the AVATARA homepage

▲ Click ADDRESS to copy your NOX Wallet address

▲ Purchase KLAY coins from virtual asset exchanges and send them to your NOX Wallet
▲ Exchange the KLAY coins that arrived in your NOX Wallet NOX Wallet into NOX tokens
▲ Enter your 6-digit PIN CODE that you entered when you created the wallet to finish the exchange into NOX tokens
▲ You can purchase NFT minting tickets…
▲ … or trade the NOX tokens into TARA tokens in your NOX Wallet.
▲ The TARA tokens you traded can be exchanged with TARA (1:1 ratio) in-game.
▲ If you finish the exchange, you can receive the tokens via mail.


The “Withdrawal process”, to make profit with the mined TARA


If you want to withdraw the TARA you mined, you must exchange TARA into TARA tokens in the [TARA exchange] menu. If it says, ‘You cannot use this in your country’, you can use a VPN to connect through a foreign IP. The minimum amount of TARA you need to trade into TARA tokens is 10,500.


TARA tokens can be traded into NOX tokens → KLAY coins in NOX Wallet. KLAY coins can be sent to virtual asset exchanges to sell and cash out.


▲ TARA can be traded into TARA tokens in a 1.05:1 ratio
▲ After receiving the mail that says the TARA token exchange succeeded,
▲ go through the NOX token → KLAY coin exchange process in your NOX Wallet.
▲ If you send your KLAY coins to your virtual asset exchange address, it’s finished!

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