Preliminary roster for the Hangzhou Asian Games to be announced Apr. 26, kkOma will continue to lead the LoL team


The Korea Esports Association (KeSPA) on Thursday released the "Selection Criteria and Status of the Korean National Esports Team" for the Hangzhou Asian Games, which kick off in September, on its official website.


As Hearthstone was removed as an official sport in March, Korea will compete in four sports: League of Legends, FIFA Online 4, Street Fighter V, and PUBG Mobile.


The teams of League of Legends and PUBG Mobile will be rebuilt. For the national team of League of Legends, KeSPA said that they will redefine its selection criteria. Of the two games, FIFA Online 4 and Street Fighter V, that have already had qualifiers, Street Fighter V will retain its existing representatives, while FIFA Online 4 will make additional selections.


For League of Legends, the revised selection criteria are as follows. The review period for the metrics was recently changed from four years to two years. For the LCK, this will be Summer 2021, Spring/Summer 2022, and Spring 2023; for international events, it will be the 2021/22 World Championships and 2023 MSI.


The primary review metrics include tournament performance and individual awards, and the secondary review metrics are as follows.


All Roles

KDA, kill participation (KP), number of champions played, damage percentage (DMG%), Damage per minute (DPM), gold difference per minute (GDPM), CS difference before 14 minutes (14CSD), damage per gold after 14 minutes (14DPG), team gold after 14 minutes, damage percentage after 14 minutes, vision score



First blood contribution percentage, opponent jungle invasion time, counter jungle CS



Jungle proximity


Bot, Support

Duo proximity


KeSPA will pre-register the preliminary roster on April 26, according to the schedule of the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee, and select the final roster in May and June. The final roster will be confirmed in early June.


The national team will be led by the same coach as before. League of Legends will be led by Kim “kkOma” Jung-gyun, FIFA Online 4 by Shin Bo-seok, Street Fighter V by Kang “murderK” Sung-hoon, and PUBG Mobile by Yoon “Janchi” Sang-hoon.


More information on the selection criteria and current status of the Hangzhou Asian Games Esports Team are available on the official website of KeSPA.

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