How about a game before departure? — Sights from the Riot Arcade in Incheon Int'l Airport


Last November, Riot Games opened a “Riot Arcade” in the duty-free section of Incheon International Airport, providing some things to enjoy for the passengers before their flight. Riot Arcade exceeded 50K overall visitors in early March, and it became a new attraction at Incheon International Airport.


Since it is located in the duty-free area, you can only visit Riot Arcade with a ticket and passport. Travelers can try out the experience and enjoy the resting area. It will be open until the end of 2024, so for the gamers who are going to travel through Incheon International Airport Terminal 1, it will be worth paying a visit.

Can you really play a game of LoL before the flight?


When I visited Riot Arcade, I wasn’t able to play a full game of Summoner’s Rift or ARAM. Instead, I was able to use the PC there to challenge certain missions. It was this way due to the limited number of PCs and for quick circulation.


Upon entrance, you receive an airplane ticket that leaves Incheon International Airport headed to a region in Runeterra. There are explanations of the fun stuff you can do in the experience zone on the back of the ticket, and you have to do missions until the Pengu image in the middle gets whole.


▲ When you enter the name you want in the ticket machine,
▲ you get a ticket!
▲ The mission is to collect all five stamps to complete Pengu!


There are five steps to the stamp mission, and there are stamp zones here and there in the experience zone. When you visit the areas, the staff members explain what you need to do to get the stamp. Among the missions, there are two game missions — one Valorant mission, and one League of Legends mission. The order of which mission to do first doesn’t matter. Depending on how you do in the game missions, you can gain an additional reward.



What missions are there in Riot Arcade?


I first played Valorant. Since you can’t play a normal game in the experience zone, the mission is about destroying the robots in the shooting range. You have to kill at least 24 out of 30 robots in a limited amount of time to gain an additional reward, so it can be quite difficult for users who haven’t played the game before.


You get two chances at the mission to gain a reward, and if you fail both times, you have to get your stamp and move on. The mission in Riot Arcade felt like the normal difficulty in the shooting range. If you practice enough at home and set the mouse sensitivity properly before you begin the mission, it’ll be much easier to reach a high record.



Then how about the League of Legends mission? It’s simply gaining as much CS as possible with Caitlyn in practice mode over five minutes. When you begin the mission, you move to the bot lane with a Garen bot. You can choose the items and summoner spells freely. The staff gave friendly advice saying, “You wouldn’t need to recall in 5 minutes, so you don’t really need to take Teleport.”


This mission was also quite difficult for gamers who didn’t practice last-hitting minions enough. You have to gain at least 41 CS within 5 minutes to get a special reward, and if you gain more than 45, you become a ‘Top 1% Legend’ and receive a passport case as a reward.


Although the missions are difficult, the positive part is that you can practice the missions at home before you go to the airport, so if you want to get good rewards, make sure to get enough practice.


▲ The keyboards and mice in the experience zone were in collaboration with Logitech
▲ Practice at home with Caitlyn facing Garen

How many times did Teemo die?


Besides the game mission area, there was more you could see in Riot Arcade, such as an area where you can rest and screens where you can learn about the games. On one side of the exhibition zone, there is a big screen that tells you about what’s happening in League of Legends today. 


When the staff asked, “Do you like Teemo?” I didn’t hesitate and said yes, since I always picked Teemo when I went to the top lane. Hearing that, the staff showed how many times Teemo died today on the Rift. Besides that, I was able to see interesting stats of the game, like a comparison of the pick rate of the world’s Yasuo and Yone. If there were stats you were curious about as a League of Legends fan, you could see them right on the spot.


▲ The number of times Teemo died today by region
▲ The number of mushrooms Teemo planted
▲ Yasuo vs. Yone pick rate! Yone was slightly higher that day

So what’s the special reward?

▲ Figures were all around, but they were for exhibition


After you get all the stamps on your ticket, you can go to Bilgewater Bar and get a water bottle with the Riot Games logo on it. Since the arcade is in the duty-free area after all the  security screening at the airport, you can take the water bottle on the plane with you, so it’s quite useful.


The people who had high results in the game missions can gain a special reward in the same area. The reward conditions are as follows. If there is something you want to have, make sure to practice from home before you go. You can’t get duplicate rewards — just one of each reward can be won. 


▲ What did I get, you ask?

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