GEN Chovy: "It’ll be fun seeing Kanavi and Ruler in London, and it'll be exciting to play them."


On Apr. 9, in the grand finals of the 2023 LCK Spring Split, Gen.G defeated T1 3-1 in a thrilling series. After winning the first two games straight, Gen.G stumbled in game 3, but they got right back on track to win game 4 and claim the championship. As they won the championship last summer, Gen.G became the fourth team in LCK history to do a repeat. After the match, they joined the media room for a press conference.



Congratulations on winning two straight LCK championships. How do you feel?


Score: At the beginning of the spring season, I thought we were far from reaching the finals. There were a lot of ups and downs in getting here, and the players worked really hard. The coaches did well too, and overall, I’m happy that we won the championship.


Doran: It was a very difficult season, but I’m genuinely happy that we won in the end. There were more T1 fans in the crowd today, and I’m grateful to the Gen.G fans that they cheered for us loudly without being intimidated.


Peanut: When the team was rebuilt, I kept saying that we have what it takes to win the championship. I told the bot duo that we can during the middle of the season as well. It’s very meaningful that we actually won. I’m very thankful to the fans who cheered for us.


Chovy: After winning the championship, I was so thankful for the fans who cheered for us. I’d also like to thank my teammates, who always stayed positive whether or not we were ahead. I’m very happy to have another golden memory.


Peyz: As we won the championship, I also was named MVP. I was able to accomplish all this thanks to my teammates, who I could trust and rely on. I’ll work harder from now.


Delight: Although it was difficult early in the season, we got this result because we all worked hard. I’d like to thank the fans too.


(To Peanut) You kept your promise that you’ll win the championship. What do you think about that?


Peanut: Obviously, I’m happy that I kept my promise. Many fans had a hard time watching us, but thanks to them, I was able to keep my promise.


(To Delight) You had a great performance today. What is needed to become a good support?


Delight: A good support has to have good synergy with the team. Having good synergy with the bot laner is also extremely important.



(To Peyz) This is your debut season in the LCK, and you won the championship. Of which moment do you have the clearest memory?


Peyz: It was when we were going in to end the game after the last teamfight. Whenever I watched the competitions, I saw the players get hyped up and start yelling. I always wondered if it felt that good to be like that. I got to do the same thing today, and it felt amazing. I’ve become a royal roader, which was my first goal, and my next goal is winning Worlds.


(To Score) You played a double marksmen comp in game 4. Was it prepared?


Score: We used that comp once during the season, and it appeared often recently in the LPL. We put in a lot of preparation into the comp, and it was a good situation to play, so we drafted them.


(To Peyz) You defeated Gumayusi, who is also a royal roader. What do you think? What are your thoughts on meeting Ruler at the MSI?


Peyz: Since I defeated the bot laner who I think is the best bot laner these days, I’m even happier. I really do want to meet Ruler at the MSI. If I do, I’ll play well.



(To Doran) What do you think about your Gragas performance today?


Doran: I thought it was a counter against the opponent, so I prepared it. Even after the drafts, I thought the matchup was great for Gragas to do well. I’ve played him a lot since long ago, so it was alright.


(To Peanut) Gen.G didn’t have a good record against T1. What did you improve to beat them today?


Peanut: We weren’t afraid at all facing T1, who is one of the strongest teams. We didn’t lose confidence when we lost, and we always thought that we could win. During the season, our eyes were always on the championship, and it was crucial that we didn’t give up until the end.


(To Chovy) You played Ahri many times during the playoffs, and played many different runes on her. What was the reason?


Chovy: I’ve always been confident playing Ahri, so I was able to pick any rune depending on what champion I was facing. As for the boots, I make up my mind depending on how much gold I have, or how the game is going.


(To Chovy) You’ve been called the uncrowned king for a long time, but by winning two consecutive championships, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. What has changed since then?


Chovy: My concentration has improved, and my vision on the game got broader. I was able to do this because I had trustworthy teammates.



(To Delight) Many support champions were banned. You picked Lulu, and the opponent picked Braum. What did you discuss? 


Delight: Since we were going to use two marksman champions, we thought Lulu was the best choice. 


(To Everyone) Who would you like to meet at MSI?


Delight: I’ve always watched Ruler play since I was a trainee, so I want to face him at MSI.


Peyz: All the best ADCs around the world will be there, so I want to meet all of them, but among them, I want to meet Ruler the most.


Chovy: I haven’t really thought about it. I want to meet the best mid laners.


Peanut: I heard that Gori and Ruler have a chance, so I want to meet the players I already know.


Doran: I haven’t thought about it. I’ll watch the games and think about it.


Score: I think the LPL teams are good in international matches, so I want to meet the LPL teams.


JDG made it to MSI. You will meet Ruler in London. What do you think?


Score: I watch a lot of LPL games, and I thought JDG was good. I’m looking forward to meeting them. Rather than meeting Ruler as opponents, I want to meet him on the side and talk.


Doran: I know Kanavi and Ruler well. It’ll be great to meet them in London.


Peanut: Yesterday, I chatted with Ruler and we told each other to lose. [Laughs] I’m happy that we’ll be meeting at MSI. 


Chovy: I’m also close to Kanavi and Ruler. It’ll be fun seeing them in London, and it’ll be exciting to play against them as well.



Thanks to the changed playoffs system, you were able to win the championship. What do you think about the double elimination system?


Score: It’s the first time we had another chance in the playoffs. The playoffs period is long, and since we had a second chance, it was different from before. I think we’ll be able to do well next time as well since we have more experience. The first game is always nerve-wracking, but it was helpful since we played yesterday.


Peanut: The second chance was very helpful. Since we had a second chance, we were able to do many different experimental attempts. At the beginning of the playoffs, I thought we weren’t a championship contender, but we improved much during the playoffs. We were quite nervous playing against KT yesterday, but thanks to that, we weren’t as nervous.


What are your goals heading to MSI?


Delight: It’s my first time going to an international tournament. I’ll work hard so that we can win the championship. Thank you to the fans who cheered for us. I’ll become a player that can live up to the expectations.


Peyz: I’ll do well at MSI too so that we can win the championship. I hope the fans can be happy for at least today.


Chovy: It’s my first time going to MSI, so I want to do well. Thank you to the fans who cheered.


Peanut: There’s less pressure since two teams are going to MSI. We don’t have as high expectations, I hope we can do our best to the point we can reach at MSI. Thank you to the fans who cheered for us.


Doran: MSI is a big and important stage. I’ll be responsible and prepare well so that we can get good results. Thank you to the fans who kept cheering for us even though we disappointed you in important matches.


Score: I started my head coach career in Gen.G, so I really want to win the championship at MSI.


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