[AVATARA] Five types of currency, NOX, TARA, Gold, etc., and their usage


Usage: General use throughout the game, such as enhancing items, enhancing skills, trading fees, etc.

How to earn: Farming on fields, quest rewards, gold dungeons, selling items, purchasing with rubies from the shop


Gold is AVATARA’s basic currency. It is used throughout the game in general, such as growth content in leveling up an item, combining them, enhancing passive skills, etc. Gold is also used in more general things like purchasing potions, using area portals, teleporting to a quest location, resetting the stat points, and paying for the fee when registering an item in the trade.


As gold is used in many areas, there are many ways to gain gold. When you farm monsters on the field, you can gain a small amount of gold along with EXP points, and you can also gain gold as a reward for completing quests. If you use the gold instant dungeon, you can gain a lot of gold in a short period of time. Besides that, you can sell items at the potion store for gold or purchase gold in the shop with rubies.


▲ You can gain gold quickly in the gold dungeon, which you can enter once a day for free.


Usage: To purchase emblems, rune essence, pet vouchers, items from the trade, etc.

How to gain: In-app purchase, selling items in the trade


Ruby is a resource that you can gain through in-app purchasing. It is used to purchase emblems, which are paired with the game’s core system, avatars (NFT). Besides that, it is used to purchase rune essence, pet vouchers, and Rowin’s box — which is used to gain random gold or equipment. Generally, rubies are used as currency to use shops.


If you’re Lv. 50 or above, you can use the trade market that uses rubies. In the market, you can trade weapons, accessories, equipment enhancement stones, etc., for rubies. If you have equipment in your inventory that you don’t use, you can sell it through the market to gain rubies.


▲ Emblems, that are paired with avatars, can be purchased with rubies.

▲ Characters Lv. 50 and above can sell items in the trade market to gain rubies.


Usage: Trade into TARA tokens, to purchase/mint avatars or emblems in TARA trade market, to purchase brew of blessing

How to gain: Exchange TARA tokens into TARA, farming in PvP fields, etc.


TARA is an in-game resource that can be traded into the cryptocurrency, TARA token. The mined TARA can be monetized by going through the trading process in TARA token → NOX token → KLAY. In the TARA trade market, which is opened at Lv. 30, you can trade avatars, emblems, or sealed characters. You can also purchase brews of blessing, which increases a character’s stat points, with TARA.


TARA can be gained by farming in PvP areas. As the total amount you can mine is limited by area, you would have to compete with other users. The total amount an individual can mine is also limited, and depending on how many avatars a player has and the grade of the avatar, the limit is increased.


One thing to be aware of is that you cannot trade TARA into TARA tokens in certain countries such as Korea, Japan, etc. In this case, you would have to use a VPN to log in from a foreign IP to use it.


▲ If you equip an avatar, you can mine TARA by farming in PvP areas.

▲ In countries that cannot trade TARA → TARA tokens, you need to use a VPN.

TARA Token

Usage: To purchase TARA, to purchase NOX tokens

How to gain: Web mining, trading with NOX tokens, trading in-game with TARA


TARA tokens bridge the AVATARA game with the outer NOX environment. Unlike TARA, which is saved in-game, TARA tokens are cryptocurrency that is stored in NOX Wallets. TARA tokens can be traded directly into TARA (1:1) to use as in-game currency, and they can be traded into NOX tokens, which can be traded with other cryptocurrencies within the Klaytn network. 


TARA tokens can be gained through mining on the homepage — not by playing the game. Instead of using an avatar NFT in the game, if you transfer it to the web, you can use web mining. Trading TARA tokens into NOX tokens also can be limited according to the country, so you have to use a VPN to bypass your IP, depending on your country.


▲ If you use web mining with an avatar NFT, you can gain TARA tokens.

NOX Token

Usage: To purchase avatar minting tickets, TARA tokens, to trade with other cryptocurrencies in KLAYswap

How to earn: Purchasing with other cryptocurrencies in KLAYswap, trading with TARA tokens


NOX tokens are generally used to purchase avatar NFT minting tickets. You can also trade them into TARA tokens in NOX Wallet, and trade them into TARA.


NOX tokens are tradable in KLAYswap, a decentralized exchange, into KLAY coins or other cryptocurrencies of the Klaytn network. These cryptocurrencies can be traded through virtual asset exchanges.


▲ You can purchase avatar (NFT) minting tickets with NOX tokens.
▲ You can trade NOX tokens into KLAY coins in KLAYswap.

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