WeMade CEO Henry Chang explains unchanging principles on blockchain gaming at GDC 2023

Source: WeMade

On March 21st, WeMade CEO Chang "Henry" Hyun-guk delivered an insightful keynote speech at the 2023 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco's Moscone Center. The speech, titled "The Future of Gaming: Inter-game Play and Beyond," delved into the influence of blockchain technology on the gaming industry and its potential to transform how games interact with one another.


Chang discussed the ongoing financial crisis and its impact on many cryptocurrency projects. In light of these events, some have once again questioned the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies. Chang explained that while he respects differing perspectives, he maintains that critics are either mistaken or lack a comprehensive understanding of the crypto landscape.


He also addressed the deceleration in blockchain game development due to the financial crisis and misconceptions held by gamers and gaming companies. The escalating skepticism and lack of trust in blockchain games have prompted some companies to publicly announce they will never issue tokens or NFTs for their games. Chang proceeded to examine some of the most prevalent misunderstandings surrounding blockchain gaming.

In his speech, Chang revisited his GDC 2022 predictions, reasserting that all games would eventually issue their own tokens and NFTs, thereby enhancing gameplay enjoyment through blockchain technology and tokenomics. He cautioned, however, that "play-to-earn games" would not find enduring success because of their lack of engaging gameplay and sustainability. Instead, incorporating tokenomics into fundamentally enjoyable games is the key to prosperous blockchain gaming. 


"Blockchain-based tokens and NFTs can augment the fun in good games, but they cannot make lackluster games entertaining," Chang elucidated. "What blockchain technology can achieve is to make well-crafted games even more enjoyable by connecting their in-game economies with the real-life economy through game tokens and NFTs."

Chang also posited that "games become significantly more entertaining when blockchain technology is applied. NFTs and game tokens can be issued, and these can be exchanged both within and outside games, establishing a unique game tokenomics." He added, "anyone can develop a new game utilizing MIR4's game tokens and NFTs [on the blockchain game platform WEMIX PLAY]."


WEMIX PLAY was a big point of discussion during the speech — an all-encompassing platform that Chang explained offers a wide range of services, such as a cryptocurrency wallet, decentralized exchange, an NFT item marketplace, WEMIX staking, and a game gateway. By offering these comprehensive solutions, WEMIX aims to revolutionize the gaming experience and facilitate seamless integration of blockchain technology within the industry.


The talk went on to explain how WeMade has successfully navigated blockchain gaming. Introducing the interaction between in-game economies of blockchain versions of MIR4 and MIR M, Chang explicated that "these processes [of acquiring in-game resources, game tokens, and governance tokens of the two games] will establish an inter-game economy where the economies of MIR M and MIR4 are connected directly and indirectly. This, in turn, will lead to inter-game play." He also noted that "[MIR4's] user base and sales improved [after the launch of MIR M]," which "is an unprecedented phenomenon generated by the inter-game economy and inter-game play. A rudimentary and straightforward connection ignited a novel gameplay that never existed before."

Source: WeMade

In relation to MIR M, Chang's predictions appear to have been accurate. According to a recent press release, MIR M has experienced a surge in popularity, reaching over 200,000 concurrent players. This milestone highlights the potential for blockchain technology to create thriving gaming communities and ecosystems.


Chang observed that while "all games have existed independently like islands," there will be "a massive phenomenon of multiple games being interconnected through blockchain technology." Chang expressed his belief that "game developers' forte lies in creating enjoyable games" and that "by working together, we can seize this incredible opportunity and master the emerging gaming landscape."


He concluded his speech with an inviting message to game developers, declaring, "At WeMade, we are committed to assisting any game developers interested in blockchain technology in creating exceptional blockchain games."

Chang's insights are backed by his 27 years of experience in the gaming industry, making him one of South Korea's most successful CEOs. He began his career at Nexon in 1996, when the space was still in its infancy. Subsequently, he held leadership positions at Neowiz, Neowiz Games, and Neowiz Mobile. Since joining WeMade in 2013 as the Head of Strategic Planning Division and becoming CEO in 2014, Chang has focused on transforming well-made games into blockchain games and servicing them on WEMIX, the company's global blockchain gaming platform.


WeMade is taking part as a Diamond Sponsor in GDC 2023, hosted at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, USA, from March 20th to 24th. Embracing the theme "Life is Game: Blockchain Transformation," the company is showcasing WEMIX PLAY, an innovative open blockchain game platform that features a comprehensive system for blockchain game services, encompassing Tokenomics, GameFi, Marketplace, and Community.

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