Double-elimination tournament platform with built-in blockchain features? Introducing WISP GAME


WISP GAME, an esports platform for Dota 2 and CS:GO players, contacted us and introduced their product. It was an esports platform based on blockchain — matchmaking and tournaments are all recorded in blockchain, with more NFT being developed.


After four months of idea and content development, the team began to think through promotional strategies as well. Taking part in the FUTURE BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT 2022 in Dubai in October 2022 was the perfect solution. For this, they developed a website and a landing page. Also, test tournaments were held on the platform, and a demo video was made, which was later spun at the show. The exhibition gave a big boost to the development of WISP GAME. Now they are working on the platform based on comments from people on the sidelines.

All of what they had sounded quite interesting, so we reached out to ask more about WISP GAME.



Please introduce WISP Game and its features.


WISP GAME is an innovative platform for tournaments in various esports disciplines. It is designed to give every player an opportunity to break into the pinnacle of eSports. For this purpose, we have developed a unique tournament grid.  For small games with a competitive element, we give an opportunity to attract their audience and hold tournaments. Partners organize sponsored tournaments. We are building a whole ecosystem, we are changing the usual perspective on cybersport.


What was your main goal in creating the project?


Our goal is simple: to shake up the esports industry and bring a breath of fresh air to the gaming world. We have developed an innovative tournament grid that eliminates the issue of fixed matches. Our platform ensures that players are rewarded solely based on their skills, and we are committed to promoting fair play in the industry. Our motto, "WISP FOR FAIR GAME," captures our unwavering dedication to building a better future for eSports.



Why did you start with CS:GO and Dota 2?


We decided to start with the most popular online games that already have competitive tournaments, as it's easier to attract players in the early stages. Later on, we'll gradually add other games and create a tool where any game that wants to host competitions can connect with us.


It says that the tournaments, results, etc., are recorded in blockchain. What's the purpose of this?


Our project's fundamental principle is to promote fair play, and we aim to achieve this by utilizing blockchain technology to record tournament results. We believe that blockchain is the perfect solution for ensuring honest competitions. To record the tournament results in blockchain, we will be using independent autonomous oracles, which are groups of smart contracts that will record and input the outcome of the tournament into the blockchain.


I heard that more NFT/crypto/blockchain features are in development. What kind of features are you developing?


We are creating a tokenized system and NFT Marketplace. Gamers would collect $WISP and NFTs by playing in tournaments, growing their ranking position, or completing milestones. By staking tokens or providing liquidity, users can unlock $WISP and NFTs as rewards. Holding $WISP tokens on the account gives users access to tournaments. Buying private access (to be paid in $WISP) opens opportunities for closed community clubs, tournaments, or events. Buying NFTs with our tokens, you can get a lot of In-Real-Life, In-game, and In-platform items. For example, highlights from tournaments and real merch!


Are there any collaborations you had with gaming/streaming companies? How about blockchain companies/media?


WISP has taken under its wing a CS:GO team called NOTAG5 played in the Esea open season 44 league and finished the regular season 12-2 in the top 8. Playoffs finished 2-1 overall, and were able to advance to a division above Intermediate. 


We are in talks with gamer equipment companies, but can't say what they are yet.



Up to now, how many users have been using the platform? Which region has the most users?


We officially launched less than a month ago, and now we have over 150 users on our platform. Most of our users come from the CIS countries, such as Belarus and Kazakhstan. We are actively seeking partners who can help us expand into other markets!


How many tournaments are held per week?


We have daily tournaments, from 3 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Now we have 40 tournaments a week. Not all of them have participants. According to our capacity, we can run up to 300 tournaments a week. After a major update, we will be able to take as many tournaments as we need to satisfy the demand. Our goal now is to attract users.


What is your main focus moving forward?


Building a community around our product is crucial. We are constantly developing new features, and our roadmap is planned out for the next 2 years. Our focus is on ensuring that every gamer plays on our platform.


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