Joycity launches all-new survival brawler, King of Fighters: Survival City

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Irvine, CA - March 8, 2023 - JOYCITY, a leading developer and publisher of world-class mobile titles, brings in the heavy hitters with an all-new Survival Brawler to their award winning game lineup with King of Fighters: Survival City. 


The King of Fighters: Survival City is a mobile title that breaks the mold of the classically fast-paced, fan-favorite fighting genre by bringing strategy to the fore, and with a lineup of over 40 popular fighters from the original game series, King of Fighters officially steps into the Massively Multiplayer, Strategy arena, on a Global Scale. 


The King of Fighters: Survival City breathes life into an expansive, comprehensive world with an exclusive story that immediately dives deep into the mysterious story of K’. KOF fans will immediately recognize the dark storytelling as the work of the NESTS, and from that point on, the world comes to life as players take control of iconic characters from SNK’s fight franchise roster. 


Players can not only Summon and Upgrade over 40 iconic KOF fighters by using a variety of methods like the character merging system, earning experience and items. The facilities and buildings within your base allow players to train, negotiate with other bases, and go either Head-to-Head in savage PVP, or work cooperatively with players from around the world to form the strategies necessary to shut down the pandemonium brought about by the NESTS, Cyborgs, and rogue Fighters! 


In true, massively multiplayer strategy game fashion, The King of Fighters: Survival City empowers players to consolidate their efforts and join a guild or rule the streets and start one themselves. Once you know who your allies are, Rally up! - PVP & PVE combat awaits as knuckles burn, and feet fly ~ with ice, fire, and fury.



Going beyond the good ol’ 3-round brawls, players of The King of Fighters: Survival City can keep it casual and unlock content with puzzle-based mini games that provide fighters, accessories, and special pieces, or they can go all out team up, and claim absolute dominance in the City Takeover! 


It’s time to remember who you are - and save the World! 


To commemorate this exciting game launch, players of all varieties can participate in 3, awesome events to obtain some great special rewards including premium fighter recruitment items. These include a login bonus event, a fighter progression event, and a combat power milestone event! 


  • More than 40 iconic KOF characters, each with their own unique move-sets and dialogue, have come to fight including K’, Kula, Kyo Kusanagi, Mai Shiranui, Leona Heidern and Iori Yagami.
  • Beyond 3v3 – The NESTS have grown powerful and bold. In order to take on this horrifying foe, fighters will need strategy, allies, and grit to end the rampant tyranny.
  • Easy and intuitive play – An easy-to-follow, comprehensive tutorial takes new players through the all-new King of Fighters perspective with ease.
  • Packed to the brim with KOF nostalgia! – KOF fans from around the world will love the fresh perspective and live in a fully–featured, KOF-themed world.
  • Strategic Co-Op Play - Ally yourself with other players to take on the bad guys. Work together to strategize and be victorious!


The King of Fighters: Survival City is available to download on Google Play and the App Store  and launches with support for English, Korean, Japanese, German, Thai languages with more to come.

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