Digital Gaming Incubator Announces Rapid Expansion with Acquisitions of Esports Team, NFT Game Developers And Events Venue

Ludus, a market-leading digital gaming incubator has announced a series of acquisitions including NFT game developers LookLabs, eSports team LDN UTD and the first of a series of gaming venues, Ludus Magnus.


The incubator’s rapid growth will help facilitate the platform’s goal of bridging the gap between digital and physical gaming and increasing accessibility in digital gaming. Ludus will focus on investing, operating and delivering gaming solutions from gaming production and development to running eSports teams and managing leading gaming venues.


The team at Ludus is looking to continue their growth into eSports and is in discussion to acquire multiple other eSports teams. Ludus Magnus is the first of many locations that the incubator plans to launch, and it will offer gamers a safe space to get involved in community gaming. NFT game developers LookLabs which Ludus recently purchased is currently in production of two new games and is planning to expand their gaming portfolio further in 2023.


The team at Ludus is the perfect combination of financial expertise alongside gaming and content leaders who have developed a strategy to maximise impact, profitability and inclusivity in digital gaming. The platform was founded to make P2E gaming more accessible, less complex and more fun.


The firm is built on community and transparency and unlike other gaming platforms, Ludus now offers digital and physical solutions allowing members to maximise their gaming potential and become part of a trusted community of individuals with similar interests.


Ludus is one of a new breed of gaming incubators, a combination of investors, gamers and community who are driving inclusivity in the digital gaming space. Unlike other platforms offering fractional returns with a focus on earnings, Ludus champions Play AND Earn and offers equal returns to gamers, encouraging users to play for enjoyment with an added economic benefit.


Daniel Gee, CEO of Ludus, commented, “The team at Ludus are proud to announce the launch of the first wave of acquisitions in digital gaming. We want to offer gamers digital and physical communities to meet and play for enjoyment whilst making a fair return on their earnings. The social good that platforms are bringing to the gaming world is what is really making them stand out and we want to be at the forefront of this industry.


Venture capitalists to date have invested over $4bn to support the development and creation of blockchain-based games and the market is continuing to grow and gain popularity and we believe Ludus is perfectly placed to offer the very best experience to the gaming community.”


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