[KOF Arena] Athena doomed, Yabuki Shingo becomes a guard breaker


Season 3 fighter balance changes


At the end of Season 2, there were changes to eight fighters. Goenitz, Orochi Yashiro, and Athena, who were strong since season 1, were nerfed. Especially, the patch affected Athena’s combo, so it will change the way of play for Athena.


The fighters that were buffed were Yabuki Shingo, Ralf Jones, Clark Still, Yuri Sakazaki, and Orochi Chris. The biggest change was Shingo — his damage on guard gauges were increased, so it is now possible to play a unique guard-breaking style.

Less mobility, but still strong, “Goenitz”


Hyouga (E) - Does not crush blast attacks


Goenitz was able to crush the opponents’ blast attacks while approaching the opponent fighter. However, with the new patch, he cannot crush blast attacks, so you have to be careful when using it.


▲ As blast attacks cannot be crushed, he is less intimidating from afar, but Goenitz is still Goenitz.

Creakier connections? Emergency dodge available to use against “Orochi Yashiro”


Odoru Daichi (E) - Emergency dodge useable on first attack

Skill cancel frame activated 0.2 seconds later


As Orochi Yashiro has three grapple skills, he had a very good advantage in the mind game when he had the initiative. However, with this patch, opponents can use emergency dodge when getting hit by ‘Odoru Daichi’, so it will become easier to play against Orochi Yashiro.


▲ You can now gain the initiative by avoiding Odoru Daichi with emergency dodge.

Strong airborne combo lost, “Asamiya Athena”


Basic attack - The amount of launching airborne opponents upward reduced

Phoenix Arrow EX (W) - Emergency dodge usable on landing

Super Psychic Throw EX (E) - Emergency dodge usable on first attack


Before the patch, Athena was able to connect an airborne combo whether or not the opponent had their emergency dodge. However, with this patch, her ability to connect combos has decreased drastically. The ability to keep the opponent in the air with her basic attacks has been decreased, so it has become more difficult to mix basic attacks between skills. Also, opponents can now use emergency dodge against Phoenix Arrow EX and Super Psychic Throw EX, so you have to induce the opponent to use emergency dodge before attempting to connect combos.


▲ As the opponent flies upward less, the original triple basic attack combo is now impossible.
▲ Opponents can now use emergency dodge against Phoenix Arrow EX when Athena reaches the ground.
▲ Emergency dodge can be used on the first attack of Super Psychic Throw EX.

Guard breaker, “Yabuki Shingo”


Shingo Kick (Q) - Inflicts more damage on guard gauge (38% → 60%), crushes blast attacks

115 Shiki: Dokugami Mikansei (W) - Inflicts more damage on guard gauge (38% → 60%), crushes blast attacks

114 Shiki: Aragami Mikansei (E) - Inflicts more damage on guard gauge (38% → 60%), crushes blast attacks


‘Yabuki Shingo’ has become a unique fighter with the buff. The damage of all skills on the guard gauges has been increased, so you can now play toward breaking guards. It has also become easier to approach an opponent with the added ability to crush blast attacks. Yabuki Shingo can now break the opponent’s guard with a skill and two basic attacks, so he will be able to put much more pressure on his opponents.


▲ With more damage on the guard gauge, Yabuki Shingo can play toward guard breaking

Dash ability strengthened, “Ralf Jones”


Gatling Attack (Q) - Cannot crush blast attacks

Ralf Tackle EX (E) - Crushes blast attacks


The ability to crush blast attacks has been removed from Gatling Attack and added on Rlaf Tackle. Since you can crush blast attacks with the dashing skill, Ralf Tackle, it has become easier for him to approach an opponent.


▲ Ralf Tackle can now crush blast attacks, so you can approach while getting through the opponent’s long range attacks.

Different from Ralf! “Clark Still”


Vulcan Punch (Q) - Movement distance increased


You move forward more when you use Vulcan Punch now. You can get close to an opponent even when you use it from a relatively far distance, so it has almost become a dashing skill. However, this does not mean Clark has become good. He is still weak, and needs further adjustments.


▲ Clark’s Vulcan Punch can now be used as an approaching skill.

More instant damage, “Sakazaki Yuri”


Ko’ouken (Q) - The time needed to fully charge has been decreased from 0.8 seconds to 0.4 seconds


The time needed to charge Yuri’s Ko’ouken has decreased. As Yuri can now use Haoh Shoukou Ken with big damage with so her damage has increased drastically.


▲ The charging speed is definitely much faster than before.

Ability to approach the opponent improved, “Orochi Chris”


Tsuki wo Tsumu Honou(Q) - Crushes blast attacks


Orochi Chris lacks ways to dash towards the opponent. This patch added a crushing blast attack ability to Tsuki wo Tsumu Honou, so it has become easier to get close to an opponent.


▲ There’s a new crushing blast attack ability when fire appears in Orochi Chris’ hands

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