Set Sail on an Adventure of a Lifetime - Uncharted Waters Origin now available for mobile and PC worldwide!

LINE Games Corporation is proud to announce that Seafaring Sandbox RPG Uncharted Waters Origin has launched globally on March 7 Co-developed by Motif, a LINE Games affiliate development company, and KOEI TECMO GAMES, Uncharted Waters Origin pays homage to the legacy of the Uncharted Waters series, which has captivated players for 30 years.


Embark on an adventure to explore the seven seas with stunning 4K graphics and deferred rendering powered by Unreal Engine 4. An atmospheric musical experience is heightened with over 104 soundtracks, including original tracks composed by Yoko Kanno, a beloved figure among fans of the franchise.


Now available for play on mobile (iOS, AOS), PC (Steam, LINE Games’ PC launcher FLOOR), and Steam Deck, Uncharted Waters Origin offers cross-play support across all device and four language options including English, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified/Traditional).

Set during the Age of Discovery in the 16th century, Uncharted Waters Origin takes realism to new heights with the use of real-world big data such as wind, currents, and wave patterns. These dynamic environmental conditions impact the availability of regional products and trade routes, offering a fresh challenge for players to find the most profitable voyages.


With over 200 ports worldwide and a cast of 1,000 historical figures, players can become merchants, explorers, privateers, or pirates as they make their own mark on history. The game is available on mobile (AOS, iOS), PC (Steam, LINE Games FLOOR), and Steam Deck, with cross-platform support allowing players to choose the platform that best fits their playstyle.

Game Introduction

Uncharted Waters Origin is a thrilling adventure game that lets you set sail on a journey of discovery. You can select one of five starting characters (Admirals) - João Franco, Catalina Erantzo, Ali Vezas, Otto Baynes, Ernst Von Bohr - each with their own unique scenario and playstyle, whether it be Trade, Combat, or Adventure. Your first Admiral will also determine your starting nation: Portugal, España, Ottoman, England, or the Netherlands.

The game features three main contents: Trade, Combat, and Adventure. Trade is an essential part of the game, as it is the quickest way to accumulate wealth and resources through the purchase and sale of goods. You'll need to observe the prices of goods at different markets and make smart decisions based on historical, cultural, and physical factors to maximize your profits.

Combat is an important aspect of the game, as you'll need to protect yourself from pirate assaults and farm resources through battles against other admirals and NPCs. Battles are turn-based, and you'll have the option to move, use skills or items, and attack with artillery, ram, duel, repair, or use other skills. Understanding the combat system quickly will be paramount to one’s success. To master combat, patience is key. Taking your time to carefully consider each move and utilizing the skills and abilities of your ships and crew can greatly improve your chances of victory.

Adventure is all about discovering new things, as you'll explore the seas, land, and even go fishing to uncover various discoveries in the categories of Nature, Animal, Plant, Architecture, Artifact, and Treasure. These discoveries can be registered in the encyclopedia and used to boast to others or reported to nobles at ports.

Players can engage in sea exploration, land exploration, and fishing. During sea exploration, players can use a telescope item to identify landmarks along the coastline. The outcome of this search can be affected by the number of archeologists or geographers the player has recruited. Land exploration allows players to excavate and discover natural species and artifacts. 

The outcome of the exploration is affected by the skills and effects of the mates onboard the player's fleet, and can be improved by using exploration tools available at the port's item shop. Fishing is another activity players can participate in while sailing. Different types of fish can be caught based on the region, weather, and climate. Fishing rods and paste can be purchased at each port's item shop, and successfully fishing results in a discovery reward.

Join the adventure and set sail on Uncharted Waters Origin today!

For more information on Uncharted Waters Origin and ongoing in-game events, visit the game’s official website and YouTube channel.

About Line Games

LINE Games Corporation, a subsidiary of the renowned global messenger service LINE, has established itself as a leading player in the gaming industry. Based in Seoul, Korea, LINE Games rose to prominence in August 2018 with the acquisition of NextFloor, a company well-known for creating and maintaining acclaimed mobile titles since 2012. Up to now, they have published a number of popular and well-received games, and have a reputation for delivering high-quality gaming experiences to players.


As LINE Games continues to expand its global reach, it has released several popular mobile games such as Exos Heroes, as well as its console title Buried Stars for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. With a strong foundation in casual and role-playing mobile games, LINE Games is now expanding into PC and console titles, including open world MMORPGs, Survival MOBAs, and TPS RPGs. In partnership with LINE, the company is on a mission to deliver great games across all platforms and genres.

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