LightCON holds the 1st anniversary event of Rise of Stars (ROS) & Silthereum burn

The following was sent to Inven Global via press release.


Rise of Stars (hereinafter referred to as ROS), a mobile game developed by LightCON Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Wemade Max Co., Ltd., will be celebrating the 1st anniversary of its official service.



ROS, which was released globally in February 2022, is a traditional SLG (4x strategy game) blockchain game that was introduced through WEMIX PLAY. The game is characterized by real-time large-scale battles, vast space background, and detailed Warships and Planets.

To celebrate its 1st anniversary, ROS is offering 2 coupons. Depending on the access period, players can obtain a 250,000 Silther Particle coupon and ‘Resource Mystery Box’ coupon containing Mineral and Metal.



A check-in event full of various rewards is also taking place. Players can earn items such as ‘Premium Transmit Ticket’, ‘Boost Item’, ‘Titanium’, and more, by logging into the game.



In addition, continuous efforts are also being made to increase the value of Silthereum, the main token used in ROS. The plan is to burn 8 billion undistributed Silthereum out of a total of 10 billion, and the scope of Silthereum’s usage will be expanded by integrating it with future Wemade Max games. The Silthereum Staking season 2 is expected to be held on March 9th.



A Wemade Max official said, “We have prepared a variety of events for the 1st anniversary of ROS. We kindly ask for your interest and participation.” He also added, “We will continue to do our best to provide a more pleasant service.”

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