[KOF Arena] The cool guy who needs no introduction, ‘Kusanagi Kyo’ review

The eternal protagonist and balanced fighter, Kusanagi Kyo


Kyo is a balanced fighter with 3,539 ATK and 3,079 DEF, and has skills of all types — blast, strike, dashing strike/grapple. With his ability, Kyo can actively react to all kinds of situations. His basic attacks are in a medium tempo, and it helps connect infinite combos when the opponent is airborne or in a standing state. The basic attacks consist of the original versions’ Aragami → Yanosabi → 88 Shiki → Oniyaki (LP). They have great hitboxes and hit judgment, so you can connect standing combos with the basic attacks alone.


 ▲Kyo’s hard days are over, as he is much better in KOF Arena.

The key to combos! In-depth analysis of ‘basic attacks’

114 Shiki Aragami → 127 Shiki Yanosabi → 88 Shiki → 100 Shiki Oniyaki (Airborne)


※ Counterable with basic attack after guarding up to 2nd strike (Difficulty: Normal)


It may look like just another basic attack set with a paralysis effect on the 1st-3rd strikes, and an airborne effect on the 4th strike, but the 1st strike Aragami has a slight airborne effect, so it’s very useful to connect combos. However, there is a slight gap between the 2nd and 3rd strikes where the opponent can attempt to counter, so it’s safe to connect a skill after the 2nd strike.


 ▲ The 1st-4th strikes of Kyo’s basic attack
 ▲ The tempo of his basic attacks is average, so he can easily be countered between the 2nd and 3rd strikes.


You can cancel the motion on the 4th strike of the basic attack, ‘Oniyaki’, so you can connect the combos by keeping the opponent in a standing state, instead of making them airborne. Usually, you can connect the Q skill Yamibarai after canceling the motion. If other skills are on cooldown, continue the combo with the basic attack again.


 ▲ Canceling the 4th strike of the basic attack, Oniyaki, then connecting Yamibarai (Q) is an expert technique!
 ▲1st-4th basic attack → 1st basic attack → Dokugami (W) is one of the easy basic combos.

In-depth analysis of the Q skill - 108 Shiki Yamibarai

- Fast projectile, standing effect on the opponent when hit


※ Counterable with basic attack after guarding from close range (Difficulty: Normal)

The speed of the projectile of Kyo’s blast attack is fast, so you can use it to contain an opponent who’s attempting to get further away, or to take your opponent by surprise by using it suddenly. When the opponent is hit, they are paralyzed in a standing state, so you can stably connect basic attacks or skills.


▲ As the projectile speed is fast, you can use it as a surprise attack from close range.
 ▲ You can get countered by the opponent when they guard it, as they recover from post-delay first, so try not to use it from close range.

In-depth analysis of the W skill - 115 Shiki Dokugami

Dokugami (Standing) → Aragami → Konokizu → Nanase (Airborne)


※ Counterable with basic attack (Difficulty: Hard) or grapple attack (Difficulty: Normal) between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd strikes. Emergency dodge possible after 3rd strike.


Kyo’s 115 Shiki Dokugami in KOF Arena doesn’t connect to 401 Shiki Tsumiyomi and 402 Shiki Batsuyomi. Instead, it’s the old version of the Dokugami which is connected with 114 Shiki Aragami → 128 Shiki Konokizu → 125 Shiki Nanase. The motion is similar to the 1st and 2nd strikes of the basic attack, but the speed and damage are different. 


There is a standing effect on the 1st strike Dokugami and an airborne effect on the 4th strike Nanase. The opponent can use emergency dodge after the 3rd strike Konokizu. Depending on the opponent’s emergency dodge cooldown, you can decide to cancel the 4th strike or not. You can start canceling from the 3rd strike Konokizu.


 ▲ It’s a 4-strike skill that starts with Dokugami followed by Aragami → Konokizu → Nanase
 ▲ It is counterable with a basic attack between the 1st-3rd strikes, but it is very difficult, so it’s less risky in actual fights.
 ▲ If the opponent is a good player, they usually attempt to counter after the 3rd strike with a basic attack.
 ▲ After the 3rd strike, opponents can counter with skill attacks (Example: Iori W).

In-depth analysis of the E skill - 212 Shiki Kotosuki You

Dash → Strike + Grapple (Airborne) → Rainbow Energy Dynamite Kick (Knockdown then airborne)


※ Counterable with basic attack between the strike and grapple attack (Difficulty: Normal)

Can use dodge between R.E.D. kick’s knockdown and airborne effect

Emergency dodge unusable

It is convenient to penetrate through the opponent’s gap with Kotosuki You as it dashes quickly to strike and grapple them, but if you use it from too far, they can easily avoid it or counter it after 1 strike. It’s usually best to use it to get close after using a blast attack (Q). The best time to use it is when the opponent fighter’s skill missed or just after the opponent dodged — use it when the opponent can’t think of guarding. It’s difficult to react unless they have extremely good reflexes.


If you want to connect combos, you need to cancel the R.E.D. kick, since the opponent can get out of the attack range by dodging. If you don’t use R.E.D. kick, any combo can be connected, but after the R.E.D. kick, the only skill that can be connected stably is Dokugami. Since the distance between you and your opponent widens, only up to the 2nd strike of the basic attacks can reach. If you use Yamibarai, the opponent gets even further, so the combo stops.


 ▲ Dash, strike, and grapple are Kotosuki You, and it is connected with the R.E.D. (Rainbow Energy Dynamite) kick.
 ▲ Although difficult, you can get countered by a basic attack after the dash when you strike.
 ▲ It can also be countered by a strike skill that has quick activation.

In-depth analysis of the ‘finisher’ - Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagi (R)

- Multiple strikes from close range, dodgeable from mid range or further

- Double finisher possible with 3 or more PGs


※ Escape + Dodge possible during the multiple strikes


Orochinagi is a finisher that has multiple strikes from the moment Kyo’s body is covered with flames, followed by a closing attack moving forward. The damage of multiple strikes and closing attack is quite big, so it is one of the best finishers in the game. However, as the multiple strikes are strike attacks, the opponent can get away with escape + dodge, so you need to be careful. Also, if you can’t hit the multiple strikes, the opponent can get away, so you should use it from close range.


 ▲ Kyo’s signature move, Orochinagi, is effective when you use it from close range when the opponent doesn’t have escape.
 ▲ Iori gets away with escape + dodge during the multiple-strike phase before the closing attack

 ▲ When the distance is even slightly far from the opponent, don’t use it!

In-depth analysis of the ‘ultimate’ - Saishuu Kessen Ougi Mushiki (F)

- 8.4-second animation

- Yamibarai → Kotosuki You connectable after ultimate

- Double blast attack combo possible (MAX Mode → Yamibarai → Ougi Mushiki → Yamibarai)


Ougi Mushiki pushes the opponent away to about mid range after the last hit. You can follow the opponent and connect skills with Yamibarai and Kotosuki You, so even if you don’t finish the opponent with the ultimate, Kyo has the initiative in the following situation. The animation time is one of the shorter ones with 8.4 seconds, so you can use it to turn the game around with about 10 seconds left.


 ▲ Kyo’s cool super special move, ‘Ougi Mushiki’
▲ Example of ultimate combo: MAX Mode (Z) → Yamibarai (Q) → Ultimate (F) → Yamibarai (Q) → Kotosuki You (E)

Kyo’s big hit combo, ‘standing combo’

Dokugami (W1) → Aragami (W2) → Konokizu (W3) → Aragami (A1) → Yanosabi (A2) →

88 Shiki (A3) → Oniyaki (A4, Motion cancel) → Kotosuki You (E)


The biggest advantage of Dokugami is that it forces the opponent into a standing state. With Dokugami, you can make an airborne opponent into a standing state to connect combos very easily. By using this, you can connect 3 strikes of Dokugami, follow up with 4 basic attacks while canceling the motion of the 4th strike Oniyaki, then use Kotosuki You. If the opponent is unable to use escape and emergency dodge, you can deal massive damage.


 ▲ If canceling the motion is difficult, simply don’t use Oniyaki and connect Kotosuki You.

Kyo’s unavoidable ‘death combo’

Aragami (A1) → Yanosabi (A2) → 88 Shiki (A3) → Oniyaki (A4, Motion cancel) → Yamibarai (Q) → Aragami (A1) → Yanosabi (A2) → 88 Shiki (A3) → Oniyaki (A4) → Dokugami (W1) → Aragami (W2) → Konokizu (W3) → Aragami (A1) → Yanosabi (A2) → 88 Shiki (A3) → Oniyaki (A4) → Aragami (A1) → Kotosuki You (E) → Aragami (A1) → Kotosuki You (E1) → R.E.D. Kick (E2) → Yamibarai (Q)


This is a strong combo that can be used when the opponent doesn’t have emergency escape. The key point is to use the 1st strike Aragami of the basic attack between Oniyaki and the following skill to maximize the damage.


▲ If your opponent doesn’t have emergency dodge, simply pound your opponent with the unavoidable death combo.

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