[KOF Arena] How do you enhance fighter masteries with the ‘least resources’?

3 ways to enhance fighter masteries (resources)

1. Summoning Cartridges (Cartridge x1 = 5,000 Mastery Points)

If you summoned cartridges of the fighter cartridge that you already own, they can be traded into 5,000 Mastery Points per cartridge. When you enhance the mastery with Mastery Points, you need 5 times more than when you enhance them with Mystic Cubes or Fight Money (FM). Therefore, the value of the resources is as follows: 5,000 Mastery Points = 1,000 Mystic Cubes = 1,000 FM.

▲ The pre-owned cartridges can be traded into 5,000 Mastery Points

2. Mystic Cube

Mystic Cubes can be gained through in-game achievements and events, but to start enhancing properly, you need to trade Diamonds (in-app purchases) to gain a lot. The trade ratio from Diamonds to Mystic Cubes changes every week, and they’re tradable every day at the ‘Cube House’ except Tuesday, when the Black Diamond exchange is open.


▲ The Cube House is open from Wednesday at 1 AM (UTC-0) through Tuesday at 1 AM.


3. Fight Money (FM)

If you use up the energy that appears when you link a controller to fight, you can mine FM. With the mined FM, you can enhance Fighter Masteries. Besides that, you can gain FM by exchanging them from MBX. You can send the purchased MBX to your Marblex Wallet to exchange to MBXL, then it can be exchanged into FCT, which can be traded into FM in the game (PC).


▲ You can exchange FCT into FM from the Token Exchange menu (PC).



Checking the market price and ratio changes to enhance efficiently

1. Fixed value of 250,000 Mastery Points = $100

The 1,500 Diamonds that can be purchased with $100 can be traded into 250,000 Mastery Points. The price of the in-app purchases doesn’t change, so the Mastery Points have a fixed value.


$100 = 250,000 Mastery Points = 50,000 Mystic Cubes = 50,000 FM


▲ Summoning cartridges is the most efficient, but if you don’t get the fighter cartridge that you want, it’s no use.

2. Mystic Cube

The Diamonds needed to exchange into Mystic Cubes change weekly, but it doesn’t change that much. Since the value of the Diamonds, which can be purchased through in-app purchases, is fixed, you just need to check the Mystic Cube exchange ratio to see what costs less.

▲ The 1 in exchange rate stands for Diamonds. The decimals standing for Mystic Cubes have to be lower to be more efficient.

3. Fight Money (FM)


The lower the value of FCT gets, and the higher the ratio of FM exchanged into FCT gets, you can gain more FM with the same amount of money. This is when you purchase MBX from the market to send them in your Marblex Wallet, then go through the process of exchanging them into MBXL, FCT, and finally, into FM in the game.

▲ The FM ↔ FCT exchange ratio was 500:1, 400:1 in season 1. In season 2, there was a case where it was adjusted to 600:1.

Purchase MBX to exchange into FM before you enhance!

The cheapest way to enhance is to repeatedly summon cartridges with the Diamonds you purchased through in-app purchases. However, the chances of gaining the cartridge of the fighter that you want are 1/37, so it’s difficult to keep enhancing a specific fighter that way. If you don’t want to enhance all fighters, it’s the most efficient to purchase MBX from the market.

1. Purchase MBX tokens from the market
2. Send MBX to your Marblex Wallet
3. Exchange MBX into MBXL in your Marblex Wallet
4. Exchange MBXL into FCT in your Marblex Wallet
5. Exchange FCT into FM in the game (PC)

On Dec. 23, the Diamond ↔ Mystic cube exchange ratio is 1:0.041, and 1 FCT is $0.673. According to this ratio, if you purchase Diamonds with $100, you can gain 36,000 Mystic Cubes, but if you purchase MBX from the market, you can trade $100 into 59,000 FM. The value of FM and Mystic Cubes are the same, so it is much more efficient to purchase MBX to trade into FM.

▲ You need to go through the exchange process (MBX→MBXL→FCT→FM) to trade the MBX you purchased into FM.
▲ You can exchange FCT ↔ FM in the game (PC) at the Token Exchange menu.

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