Best Budget Jewelry, Charms and Sets in D2R

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Best Budget Jewelry, Charms and Sets in D2R

The following guide summarizes every budget D2R Jewelry, Charm and Set Item. You can buy D2R Items from Rpgstash including all the budget items listed in this guide.



 Dwarf Star - Useful for Goldfind builds and whenever you need 15% Fire absorb with 40 extra Life and flat 12-15 magic damage reduction

Manald Heal - Useful or  Mana intensive builds early on with 4-7% mana stolen, 20% regenerate mana, +20 life and 5-8 replenish life

Nature's Peace - Useful to farm Destruction Keys with some specific builds without worrying about Corpse Explosion as it gives "Slain Monsters Rest In Peace" attribute and 20-30% poison resist, 7-11 flat damage reduction, prevent monster heal and 27 charges of a level 5 Oak Sage

Raven Frost - Extremely useful to most builds in need of Cannot Be Frozen, +15-20 Dexterity, +150-250 attack rating, +40 mana, 20% cold absorb and adds 15-45 cold damage



 Atma's Scarab - Niche but powerful when used wisely, since it gives 5% chance to cast level 2 Amplify Damage, 20% bonus attack rating, 75% poison resist and +40 poison damage over 4 seconds

Nokozan Relic - Level 10 powerful early option to shield against Fire damage mostly with its +50% fire resist, +10% max fire resist, adds 3-6 fire damage and 20% faster hit recovery



 Gheed's Fortune Grand Charm - Although good rolled ones aren't exactly budget, low rolled Gheed's will be very cheap mid Ladder and can have up to 160% goldfind, 40% magic find and -15% vendors price

Annihilus - Budget versions of the Annihilus can easily be found few weeks into the Ladder once many walks have been done already and people accumulates so many of them that the low rolled ones become extremely cheap

Hellfire Torch - While Sorc torch remains expensive almost for the whole Ladder duration, followed by Paladin and Amazon prices, the remaining torches and their poorly rolled counterparts can be found for a relatively budget price during mid to late Ladder 



 Rainbow Facets - Although the perfectly rolled -5% specific elemental resist/+5% of same element damage are expensive, some people will be willing to trade the non perfect ones for much cheaper prices eventually, specially for less popular elements such as poison and fire





Low level sets

 Best early sets are Sigons head + hands or full set, 

Death's Disguise hands + belt at level 6 for 30% ias, +15% all res, +8% life stolen per hit, 

Angelic Raiment amulet + one or two rings for massive attack rating based on clvl and some life.


Endgame Sets

Aldur's Watchtower - Boots are good even taken alone, with 40-50% fire resist, 40% faster run/walk and 10% damage goes to mana, while the sets gets better once completed but only a Druid can do so


Immortal King - Very good Barbarian set, capable of full solo clearing Hell difficulty without issues and providing massive amounts of resistances, damage mitigation and raw damage output to farm Hell difficulty for upgrades, although the body is rare and the most expensive part, the whole set can be found for a reasonable cheap price even relatively early on during the Ladder.


Natalya's Odium - After the latest rework received this set is even more tanky with the added 30% damage reduction from physical attacks on top of high resistances and being only 4 pieces set, which leaves room for high customization unlike the 6 pieces Immortal King. Can be completed by an Assassin only


Tal Rasha's Wrappings - One of the ideal setup for a Sorceress magic find build, however the amulet in particular is not cheap by any means and unless you find it by yourself the price to trade for it will be really above what you would expect to pay for a set item, often costing more than the whole Immortal King set alone, or the other Tal Rasha pieces combined. The mask is an excellent budget helm choice for mercenaries with 10% life stolen per hit and +15% All Resistances and is fairly common to get. I can't suggest the full set as budget because of the amulet though


Trang-Oul's Avatar - Interesting Necromancer set which turns the user into a Vampire and radically changes its playstyle by giving access to spells such as Fire Ball, Meteor and other options, it surely has a peculiar style and the gloves are used in many builds alone for the faster cast rate and other stats, same can be said for the belt because of Cannot Be Frozen on it


Honorable mention goes to Guillaume's Face, helm from Orphan's Call set, with 15% Deadly Strike, 30% fhr and 35% chance of Crushing Blow, it is one of the best offensive helms in the game actually.


Another honourable mention goes to Griswold set, which might not be popular but having 11-12 sockets makes it very customizable for an Holy Shock/Conviction Fist of the Heavens hybrid even with cheapest low rolled facets or lightning damage jewels/charms everywhere for the aura output, and about the set shield we gotta mention it has an insanely high chance of blocking but also kinda high Strength requirement.


If you are looking for the best D2R shop to buy your set items early on in the ladder season, choose Rpgstash.

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