[KOF Arena] Expanded 'MAX mode' utilization to keep maintain your initiative

When ahead, use your finisher with 2PGs!

If you connected your combos well early in the game, there's a good chance of giving your opponent bigger damage by entering MAX mode and using your finisher with 2 PGs. Since the cooldowns of your skills would be refreshed by using MAX mode, if you are aware of the cooldowns of your opponent's escape and emergency dodge, you can continue your aggressive initiative.


It would be difficult to collect enough PG to use your ultimate, but you can pressure your opponent by creating a big HP difference with them, and you can always use MAX mode + finisher again with 2 PGs, so it's convenient to counter them any time.


One thing to beware of is that since you used up all your PGs by entering MAX mode, you can't use escape. It is safer to guard your opponent's escape and react to what your opponent does after using your finisher than continuing to attack with your refreshed skills.


▲ If you've hit your full 3-skill combo mixed with basic attacks, go for MAX mode + finisher!


"Your turn? No, my turn!" Escape + MAX mode + Escape

The one who uses escape first is usually disadvantageous. This is because the moment you use escape, your opponent can also escape and counter you. In this situation, you can retrieve the initiative by entering MAX mode and using escape again with the refreshed cooldown. Therefore, when opponent responds with escape when you used escape, enter MAX mode and escape to continue attacking. If you can connect your finisher with your remaining PG, you can deal massive damage to your opponent.


However, when your opponent's HP is higher than 70% it is not recommended. When in MAX mode, the skill damage is reduced by 50%, so it's difficult to deal as much damage as you think you could. Even if you connect your full combo, if your opponent endures by getting hit and counters, you could fall into a critical situation, and in the end, you could end up with lower HP.

▲ Use the Escape + MAX mode + Escape combo when you have an advantage over your opponent to corner them into a more dangerous situation!


Bringing the initiative with the short ‘invulnerable state’

When you enter MAX mode, there’s a very short invulnerable state. If you utilize this, you can easily get out of your opponent’s pressure even when your emergency dodge is on cooldown, and you’re guarding the attacks. Afterward, you can connect a skill and conclude with a finisher when you have 1 PG left.


▲ When guarding, you can make the effect of the emergency dodge by utilizing MAX mode’s invulnerable state even if you don’t have emergency dodge or escape.
▲ You can also counter while guarding by activating MAX mode and connecting a skill or finisher.


Using ‘Double finisher’ with fighters that have long animation time

You would know about using your finisher twice after entering MAX mode. Most fighters can use a double finisher if they have at least 4 PGs. However, with fighters that have long finisher animations can’t use their finisher twice, even if they have 5 PGs. Vice and Daimon Goro are two of them.


However, when you have 5 PGs, you can use your finisher with 3 PGs, and then use MAX mode + finisher with the remaining 2 PGs, even the fighters with long animations can use a double finisher.


▲ Example of using finisher + MAX mode + finisher.


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