[KOF Arena] Another winning equation, going after ‘time over’ wins

▲ Although down, Orochi Yashiro (Right) won (time over) with a slight HP advantage.


What is a time over win?

If the time runs and the fight is finished, it’s called time over, and the fighter that has more HP will win. Since the mind game plays a significant role in the game, the 60 seconds can be shorter than you’d think. In these situations, it’s good to fulfill the conditions well to go for a time over win.


Basic strategy for time over wins - utilizing grapple skills

If you utilize grapple-based skills, it is easy to go after time over wins since you can’t use escape when grappled. When you go for time overs with strike-type skills, there are variables that you can lose where the opponent can escape and counter with a skill combo, so you need to be careful.

▲ By using the fact that grapple skills aren’t escapable, Yashiro gains a time over win with his ultimate-E skill combo.

Inducing time overs with ultimate skills that have long animations

‘Ultimate skills’ have long animations, so they’re used the most for time over wins. The animation time differs by fighter, but it usually takes up about 8-10 seconds, so if you use an ultimate skill with about 11 seconds left, you can easily go for a time over win.


▲ Orochi Leona uses the animation time of her ultimate to gain a time over win

When there’s not much time left, use up all of your power gauges!

If you gained an advantage in early-game HP skirmishes, you can draw a time over more easily. You could drain time after calculating the max damage the opponent can give you during the remaining time to aim for a win. If the opponent also seems to be trying to drain time with their ultimate skill, it’s good to go into MAX mode right away and aim for a turnaround with your finisher skill.


The key is to use up all of the power gauges you had when there’s not much time left. For example, if you’re in close range with an opponent, you can earn about 1 second by escaping, even if it’s not a situation to escape. If you have at least two gauges, you can use them up with MAX mode+finisher to drain the time.


▲ If you miscalculate the time, the time might run out while you’re attempting to counter with your ultimate skill.

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