How to join binance

Foreign Exchange: Binance

There are three steps to joining Binance. Initially, registration is possible by connecting your email, but you can’t trade coins. There is a basic verification process where you have to verify your name, address, ID, and facial recognition. After you’re verified, you can deal a maximum of $50,000 per day.


▲ For the ID card, you need to upload an image of both the front and back.

If the verification fails because the ID is old, you have to take a video with your ID to submit. When you take the video, you have to say as follows.

"I, (First and last legal name), a citizen of (country), declare this on (MM/DD/YY). I confirm that the verification information I provided is accurate. I understand that a person who intentionally makes a false statement in a declaration is guilty of a legal offense."

After submitting the video, the verification will be complete after Binance checks it within a maximum of two days.

▲ If the verification fails like this...
▲ You have to go through a video verification process.

When you finish the basic verification process, you can do the next step: “Verified Plus.” To do the Verified Plus process, you need to write your address in English and upload a statement of your telecommunications/utility bill or bank statement that can prove your address. If you finish the Verification Plus process, you can deal up to $200,000 per day.

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