AVATARA Review: The game comes first

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In a sea of blockchain games, AVATARA is a breath of fresh air. While it's true that these types of games have been around for a while, they often put the Web3 experience ahead of actual gameplay. AVATARA aims to change that by providing a more traditional game experience that is easy for anyone to jump into, while still offering all the benefits of blockchain technology.


One of the key challenges for any blockchain game is making the Web3 features as seamless and accessible as possible. AVATARA does a great job of this, offering a variety of ways to make traversing into the world of Web3 easy and enjoyable. One great thing is its single-sign on with Google sign-in. By reducing logins to one set of credentials, AVATARA significantly improves the player’s experience without requiring them to create a separate wallet account.


Another notable aspect of AVATARA is its refined fee delegation system. Transactions on the blockchain can often be slowed down or even fail due to high fees, but AVATARA's system ensures that players can enjoy a seamless blockchain and gaming experience without constantly worrying about fees.


In addition to these features, AVATARA also has an accessible payment system with Binance Pay. This allows users to pay with any assets on their Binance account, making it easy to get started with the game. Overall, AVATARA does a great job of making its blockchain features as accessible and seamless as possible, ensuring that players can enjoy the game without worrying about the technical details.


Of course, all the convenience factors in the world won’t make up for a blockchain game if it isn’t fun. AVATARA is different, though. It offers a very polished and unique MMORPG experience. One of the standout features of AVATARA is the strong range of classes available to players. From the standard Warrior and Mage to the more unique Rogue class, each offers a wildly different experience. 


As with any new game, it takes a bit of time to get used to the controls in AVATARA. Gamers may find them a bit more natural on mobile, but with a bit of practice they become second nature no matter which platform one is playing on. The combat is fairly basic for an MMO, but it's still satisfying to take down enemies and progress through the game.


But AVATARA isn't just about gameplay – the artwork is exceptional, with a unique look that sets it apart from other games in the genre without feeling too "out there." And the lore of the game, which is often an afterthought in blockchain titles, has a good amount of effort put into it. From the various unions and forces vying for power to the well-designed characters and locations, there's a lot to discover in AVATARA. Even those not usually invested in the lore will find themselves wanting to learn more about this world and the stories within it.


There’s a lot to look through, as AVATARA has the vast and varied world of Moras that players get to explore. The continent is massive, with several unique areas to discover and enjoy. From lush forests to dark dungeons, AVATARA has a wide range of environments to keep players engaged. In each of these areas, players will encounter beautifully designed monsters that add another layer of authenticity to the world. All the standard enemies are solidly built, and the bosses are all ambitious but executed well — AVATARA has a wide range of enemies to challenge and defeat.


In addition to its rich lore, AVATARA also boasts a lot of personality. The developers have taken care to create a world that is filled with fun and quirky elements that add to the overall enjoyment of the game. One such element is the pet system, which allows players to collect and train a variety of cute and quirky companions. These are probably the most amusing and joyful designs anywhere in the game — the pet system adds a fun and lighthearted touch.


Another great aspect of the game is the accessory system, which allows players to personalize their character with a wide range of unique and stylish items. With various emblems and other items to try, the accessory system adds a personal touch that helps players make their character their own.


All in all, AVATARA is a top-down MMORPG that manages to balance traditional gameplay with the benefits of blockchain technology. Whether you’re blockchain gamer, a Web3 investor, or just a gamer that's looking for a new MMORPG to try, it's definitely worth checking out.

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