[KOF Arena] What is Fighter Mastery?

Through obtaining cartridges, fighters can unlock masteries to become stronger. You can unlock special passive effects and increase basic stats and skill damage. Through obtaining cartridges and unlocking masteries alone, the mastery board goes up to level 4, which allows you to receive stat bonuses. From that point on, you can collect Mystic Cubes and mastery points to upgrade your fighter.

▲ You can improving a fighter’s stats by enhancing masteries through fighter cartridges

How to obtain Fighter Cartridges

In order to summon ‘fighter cartridges’ that unlock masteries, you need to summon them through diamonds, which you can obtain via paid materials (in-app purchases). You can also earn them as rewards through the current event, ‘Special Daily Check-in Event’.

▲ It costs 30 diamonds to summon one fighter cartridge.

▲ Currently, you can earn cartridge summon tickets through the Special Daily Check-in event.

Enhancing Fighter Masteries

The Mastery board, which is the menu that allows you to enhance your fighters, is divided by tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond). The tiers determine the enhancement success rate, so it’s recommended that you start from a lower tier, which has a higher success rate. It’s a category that shares with your tier in the ranked ladder, where you’ll have “adaptive stats’. If you enhanced your Gold board but you dropped to Silver in ranked, the Gold board won’t be applied. However, if you end up getting matched against a Gold-tier player after getting demoted to Silver tier, then your Gold board will be used.

▲ By obtaining cartridges, your mastery level goes up to level 4, so no extra enhancements are necessary to receive bonuses.

▲ The mastery board where you can slightly enhance three combo skills, attack, defense, and HP.


Bronze: 100% base success rate

Silver: 85% base success rate

Gold: 75% base success rate

Platinum: 66% base success rate

Diamond: 60% base success rate 


▲ If successful, stats, abilities and skill damage will go up

How to earn the enhancement materials needed for masteries


1. Mastery Points

You may earn mastery points by playing matches with the fighters that have their masteries unlocked with cartridges. You can also earn them by completing the achievement that exists for all fighters, ‘Glorious March’. Also, if you have duplicate cartridges, you can go to the Fighter Mastery menu to exchange one cartridge for 5,000 points.

▲ Read through what the Glorious March achievement is to complete it!


2. Mystic Cube: Achienvements, Events

The most common way to earn Mystic Cubes is through achievement rewards, which allows you to enhance all fighters’ masteries. You can also earn them through events, as well as through Diamonds that are available via in-app purchase.

▲ Check which achievement rewards will have Mystic Cubes in them!


3. FM (Fight Money)

FM can be earned by playing against those that play with controllers, and it can also be used to enhance fighter masteries.

The ‘Cube Mastery’, which is unlocked at mastery level 100

If your enhanced fighter’s mastery goes over level 100, you can unlock the Cube Mastery. You can choose one of attack, defense, or HP stat to enhance, and can increase the stat efficiency that comes with mastery. It’s a form of a special ability that applies to all fighters with their masteries unlocked.


However, successfully increasing a Cube Mastery will increase your level by one, but will decrease your level by one if you fail. Cube Mastery can be enhanced through Mystic Cubes, FM, and Master Key (match reward). If your total fighter mastery level goes over 1,100, then you can enhance the ‘Cosmic Cube’, which allows you to increase the cap on Cube Mastery.

So how should you enhance your masteries?


If you only focus on enhancing one fighter to the extreme, then it’s hard to put it into practical use. This is because of the stamina that every fighter has, and you’re limited to how many times you can use a certain fighter in a day. That’s why it’s recommended to enhance many fighters to a moderate level.


Mastery board tiers have their success rate lowered from level 5, so it’s recommended that you cap it at level 5. This is to save the materials needed for enhancement, and to spend them efficiently.


If you enhanced the fighters that you decided to use daily, then choose one main fighter to increase their level to 200 and unlock the ‘Mastery passive’. It’s a passive effect that will always affect your main fighter, no matter which tier they’re in.



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