[KOF Arena] The earning process through FM mining

When you have a controller, you gain a separate resource called "Energy". When you play a fight with the controller linked, you can gain fight money (FM) by using up your energy. The FM earned through this process can be exchanged into other cryptocurrency and you can make profit through the exchange.


1. Earning FM by playing the game with the controller linked
2. Exchanging FM to FCT in the token exchange (PC) - Exchange fee: Black Diamond
3. Exchanging FCT into MBXL in the MARBLEX Wallet app or the MBX Swap web page
4. Exchanging MBXL into MBX in the MARBLEX Wallet app
5. Selling MBX in the trade market, or selling them after swapping MBX into other cryptocurrency


Five points that can affect the amount of FM mining

The amount of energy that can be used per day is limited depending on the controller's type and number, so it is important to gain as much FM as possible by spending the energy efficiently. Basically, the FM mining is a reward from linking a controller and using up the energy by fighting. The amount of FM that can be earned through winning or losing varies by the season tier, the efficiency value of the controller, and the durability of the controller.


1. Season Tier: Higher tier guarantees more amount of mining (Diamond>Platinum>Gold>Silver>Bronze)
2. Efficiency value of the controller: Higher efficiency for more mining
3. Durability of the controller: Amount decreases when durability goes under 50%
4. Match type: 3v3 team matches can gain more mining
5. Outcome of fight: When losing the fight, 15-35% is mined according to the tier


▲ The season tier affects the amount of FM mining the most, so winning fights is
very important.


Three ways to increase FM mining

To make FM mining efficient, you need to maximize the FM acquisition when you use 1 energy. You have to link a controller that has high efficiency and repair it well whenever its durability decreases to increase the amount of mining. It is more efficient to use up your energy in 3v3 team matches, as you can mine a bit more.


The complex equation for FM acquisition. The key points are winning matches and getting a high season tier, but it isn't easy.


Efficiency is one of the four attributes of a controller, which increases the amount of FM acquisition. You need to increase the amount by using the points you earn when the controller level rises. To raise the level of a controller, some FM is needed. It is good to invest as many points as possible on the efficiency attribute by constantly leveling up the controller for better FM mining.


The higher the efficiency, the mining increase range decreases, so it’s better to invest your points in Resilience after a certain point. Whenever you fight using your controllers, their durability decreases. Resilience is an attribute that reduces the decrease of durability, and lowers the repair price. Investing in Resilience is to reduce the FM needed for repairing the controllers. 


If you keep using a controller with low durability without repairing it, the amount of FM mining decreases. You can gain 100% FM when your controller has at least 51% durability. Starting from 50%, the FM you gain decreases slightly, and when it gets below 10%, you gain less than when you lose, even if you win.

▲ FM Acquisition of each Efficiency stat
(based on Silver1 1vs1 Victory, Durability 100%)
▲ FM Acquisition of Durability ratio
(based on Silver1 1vs1 Victory, Efficiency 10)
▲ FM Acquisition of each Match mode
(based on Silver1, Victory, Efficiency 10, Durability 100%)
3v3 Team fights occur for an hour at 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, and 21 o'clock.

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