Interchain Platform HAVAH Begins Public Planet Node NFT Sale

The following was sent to Inven Global via press release.


- Planet Node NFTs, crucial component of HAVAH ecosystem, begins public sale on Jan 11th at 20:00
- 500 limited edition mPlanets… 1/10 price of regular Planets making Planets more accessible

Interchain platform HAVAH announced that it will begin selling Planet Node NFTs to the public.


HAVAH is an interchain platform that collects NFTs from multiple chains and grants them various uses. Users can use NFTs on different blockchain networks such as Binance or Klaytn in games and social activities within HAVAH, and can also exchange NFTs regardless of the chain they originated from.


The Planet Node NFT is a crucial component of the HAVAH ecosystem. It is a space where NFTs from different networks can be distributed and stored when moving between chains or when new NFTs are minted. Owners of planets become part of the governance system and receive HAVAH Coin (HVH) as a reward for contributing to the ecosystem.


During the public sale, 500 limited edition 'mini-Planets' (or mPlanet) will be sold alongside the standard planets. An mPlanet is a special planet designed to make it easier for more users to experience the benefits of owning a planet node. By dividing a regular planet into 10, the price is also reduced by 1/10, making it more accessible. mPlanets do not require a separate drive and make it easy for users to acquire HAVAH Coins.


Glory Lim, HAVAH Project Lead, said "even in difficult market conditions, HAVAH has secured an initial capital of about 10 billion won by working with reliable partners, and the number of community members has exceeded 100,000." He added "starting with the Planet Public Sale, I want to share HAVAH's vision with more users. Please look forward to the world that HAVAH dreams of, which increases the value of digital assets and enables free movement."


HAVAH previously held three 'Planet Node NFT Pre-sales' and recorded complete sales. In addition, the number of global users of the HAVAH TestNet exceeded 100,000 in just 9 days, demonstrating high expectations for the HAVAH Project.


The public sale begins on January 11th at 20:00 on the HAVAH official website. Detailed information about Planet Node NFTs and the public sale can be found in the HAVAH community.

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