VicLa: “I wanted to go to Worlds, so I chose FlyQuest.”


The 2022 LCK seasons were seasons of the mid laners. It was a year that featured the best mid laners around the world. Lee “VicLa” Dae-kwang was a mid laner that had his debut in those seasons. VicLa first stood on the LCK stage surrounded by veteran teammates in KT Rolster. In his first season, he fought against the best mid laners in the world, such as Faker, Chovy, Zeka, and ShowMaker, and showed a composed performance, unlike a rookie.


Although he didn’t reach Worlds, VicLa’s performance in 2022 was enough to be a great prospect that could represent the LCK, and he was awarded the Rookie of the Year. However, during the stove league, VicLa decided to head to the LCS and joined FlyQuest.


His debut in the LCK was quite successful, but he chose to head to NA. Why did he pick FlyQuest? The reason was simple.



First, congratulations on becoming the Rookie of the Year. How have you been after the season?


I just focused on getting enough rest. I went back to my home town for the first time in a while and met my friends, and they were happier for me about becoming Rookie of the Year.


You showed great performance as KT Rolster’s mid laner last season. In a squad of veterans, you weren’t like a rookie, as you even sometimes led the team, and ultimately, you were awarded Rookie of the Year. How would you evaluate your year 2022?


The last season was very meaningful to me. It was my debut season, but result-wise, it’s regretful. The close losses in important games like the playoffs or the regional qualifiers are still lively to me, as if they happened yesterday. After the losses, I rewatched the games and thought, ‘How would it have been if I did this then?’


It would have been more regretful seeing DRX win Worlds, since you had a close fight against them in the regional qualifiers.


I just thought it was a bummer. If we were just a little bit better, it could have been us standing there. But now, I want to congratulate DRX with all my heart for pulling off the miracle, and I’m using it as motivation for the next season.


Which match was the most regretful? Which one are you the most satisfied about?


Game 5 of the playoffs against DWG KIA was the most regretful. We knew where they all were, but we were demolished in the dragon fight. The decisions we made weren’t very good. The most satisfying match was also against DWG KIA. When we beat them 2-0 during the regular season, I gained a lot of confidence since I thought they were a strong team.


It’s not easy to show good performances and get good results in the first LCK season. The LCK mid laners are known to be the best around the world. How was it facing them?


I always wanted to play against the best as soon as possible. There was more excitement for me than nervousness — I was a bit nervous when I got to LoL Park, but as soon as the games started, the nervousness went away, and I was able to concentrate on the game. I think I focused on my plays regardless of the opponent player’s or team’s reputation.



Even if you had a quite successful start in the LCK, you chose to go to the LCS. Why did you choose to join FlyQuest?


It’s simple. The members were good, and I wanted to go to Worlds, so I chose FlyQuest. I thought I would have a better chance.


What are you the most excited about and worried about heading to NA?


I’m most worried about living. Whether I would be able to manage myself well, if the language barrier would be high, that kind of stuff. The team has already gotten me an English tutor, so I’ve been doing my best learning. What I’m excited about is the league arena. I’m excited to play in a facility I haven’t played in.


You’ve joined a team with Impact, Prince, Australian support Eyla, and former TSM jungler Spica. You’ve been practicing with them in Korea. How are they?


They’re all fun and cheerful. My biggest concern was their passion for the game, but they were really passionate. I’ve always heard rumors about how the LCS players behave during practice, how there are players that don’t have a good mindset, and how it’s not a hard-working atmosphere, but I don’t think that goes for the players on this team.


How have the scrims been?


We’re still building teamwork, and it feels that we’ll get better and better as we build up more synergy.


What did you think about the LCS?


It seemed that the LCS teams like to play slowly. There are several teams whose style is to play the late game. But looking at the rosters of the ‘23 LCS teams, they seem stronger than last year. I believe that would make the level of play much higher than before.


If life in NA suits you well, do you think you’ll be playing there for a long time like Impact?


I’m not sure yet. A part of me wants to play in the LCK again. If NA life suits me well, I might want to stay there, but for now, I just want to focus on the next season.


Which matchup are you looking forward to the most in the LCS?


I’m looking forward to playing against EG, Team Liquid, and 100 Thieves, simply because their roster looks good.


Any last comments?


I’m really thankful and sorry to the KT Rolster fans. I was able to learn and improve much because of all the support they sent me. I’ll make sure that I can do well in NA and show a good performance there and on international stages too.



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